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  1. Hi Bro, The amount is meant to replace evaporated water. About a quarter of the bottle per week, in other words, 1 bottle last you 4 weeks. Depends on whether u want to top up daily or weekly then. Top up during lights off as it will make your tank cloudy for a while..
  2. I always freeze my dying fish... (those almost lie flat but not dead yet) Not sure if its the best.. but that is the only way I can think of at home..
  3. Copper band is safe.. Unless U have tubeworms, tube anemone, cocoworms or clams... Should be safe LPS..
  4. From my limit knowledge, some species of angelfish perform cleaning when young so as to survive from the predator fish.
  5. Goodbye PO4 is from 1 of the forum sponsors. Henry@MarineLife.
  6. OMG, your tank is just abt 1 year old... Got warranty??
  7. I had it for almost 3 yrs previously. Rocks are stacked up against the back wall and its ok. But I do have black oyama pasted at the outside of the back tank wall.
  8. Anyone knows what kind of bannerfish are those at Ah Beng in the blue tub? Heniochus diphreutes or Heniochus acuminatus? Was there for almost 15mins, looks like Heniochus acuminatus.. Hoping the get the former.. To add on to the stock list, a few goby and pistol shrimps pairs in the bags..
  9. PLS do not use fishes or any other living things for cycling.. You may just kills them. What's so difficult about getting a market prawn??
  10. Selling for $10 now. Already trapped and i do not want to stress it too much.
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