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  1. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/orphek-vs-grassycore.383954/ I'm not sure but first impression is that it seems like a ripoff of orphek with just an update of leds. Just go with the safer ai or Radion. It's easier for you to sell if you decide to change system.
  2. Just keep the chiller as spare in case your current one is not working. Else I think you might really need to lower down the price. FYI 2 of the sponsers here is selling at 889 rrp and giving additional 10 to 15% discount depending on how close you are with them. 1 shop at clementi is selling at low 700+ for brand new.
  3. How much is the pulse 2 and pulse 4 selling for?
  4. Sorry the tank has been reserved as buyer transfer me the full amount.
  5. Selling the following items: 1. Industrial 20 litre DI unit. Come with brand new 5 litre of nuclear grade resin (still sealed). Original price at 215 selling at 165. 2. 2 boxes of 50lbs of BRS reefsaver rock. No leeching of PO4 and no hitchhikers. Safer than bleaching life rocks They are less denser and much lighter than those branded dried rocks or live rocks thus you are getting out out of the 23kg box. After adding water it should be 38 to 40kg worth of rocks. Sufficient for a 322 tank. Original price at BRS is USD130 + USD120 shipping by forwarder. Selling at 230 a box of 22-23kg. 3. 2 x 322 freshwater tank. 8mm and no scratches. Buyer to arrange for mover. 2 tank for 50 4. Used aquabee 2000i for 80 5. BNIB aquabee 2000i for 140 Message me at 98292893. Collection and viewing at Jurong.
  6. I am keen on the rocks. Once I see the photos I can confirm. Contact me Patrick 91817028

  7. The rocks will be reaching Singapore this week. SMS or WhatsApp me for photo. 1 box 230 and 2 for 450.
  8. Most of the sponsor here do sell customised tank. You can message them for more details.
  9. Managed to dig out 2 x aquabee 2000i pump from my store. 1 brand new and 1 used for a year before storage. Will test the pump tomorrow. Selling the used one at 80 and new one at 140.
  10. Upzzz for the items above. BRS reefsaver rock sold but I have just received email from Vpost that my other 2 x 50lbs boxes were finally shipped after some custom issue. Rocks will arrive in Singapore around late next month. Total cost I have paid is USD130 + USD73 sea shipping per box (Around 280 to 290 total). FYI, they are much lighter than those branded rocks thus you are getting out of the 23kg box. After absorbing water they should be 38 to 40kg worth of rocks. More than sufficient for a 322 tank. Selling at SGD230 per box.
  11. Don't. Your di resin will just absorb all the ions and become useless after a few mins.
  12. Nice. Seldom see reefers whom post the process of starting a tank as compared to 4-5 years ago. Will be following for sure.
  13. Mce600 work as filter as well but it is to be hang on the back of the tank. If you want the place the skimmer into the cabinet you will need a sump. Another option is can consider is the tunze nano skimmer. They are suppose to be placed in the tank itself.
  14. His is the industrial kind so 1 to 2 drops are too slow.
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