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  1. You might want to make a visit to Henry ( Marinelife Hobbielist - http://www.listings.com.sg/detail.asp?list...&BranchID=0 ) To take a look at the Elos setup there if you're shopping in this price range.
  2. Most antichlorine solutions are fine (make sure it is anti-chloramine also) the problem is your tapwater contains nitrates, phosphates (which can cause algae problems) and may contain heavy metals or other sediment that will accumulate over time.
  3. Storing mixed saltwater in the fridge should be no problem, there are some who store NSW outside of the fridge for up to 4 weeks with no problems also. But providing some aeration would probably be a good idea for room temperature storage. Just be sure to bring your saltwater to room temperature before you add it to the tank. The easiest (cheapest) way to bring down your KH is water changes. If you intend to use salt mix in the long run, you might want to seriously consider home delivery of distilled water (Water cooler sized bottles) or an RO system like the Crystal Pro.
  4. I would not recommend a pair of perculas in a tank this small. A single small specimen is probably the limit for a 1.5 x 1 x 1 ft tank.
  5. The only slight changes I would recommend are for steps 1 - 6. 1) Leak test the tank with treated tap water (Antichlorine/chloramine, then drain out all the water) 2) Place the Fibreglass + egg crate base liner 3) Pour in all the live sand 4) Pour in the NSW 5) Stack the Live rocks on top of the egg crate and sand 6) Cycle the tank with a piece of dead market Prawn Additionally after the cycling is completed, you might want to consider adding in the cleaning crew and the fish before the corals. But looks like you have everything planned out! Keep us updated with pictures!
  6. 1000 L/hr is more than sufficient for a CL280, I believe there is a sticky in one of the sections here with a Resun manual attached. I think if you correct the calibration for the internal thermostat the problem might go away. Oops the link was from AQ: http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21125 Problem is finding a thermistor with a similar resistance value, might be a bit tricky, but if you can get one, you can just disable the reservoir thermistor and patch an external one to the Resun thermostat. I used a Fox 1004 (About $70 at Sim Lim Tower) Thermostat with external probe to control my chiller, prefer to have the temp reading taken from in tank.
  7. I'm assuming you mean in water with no aeration and no circulation? Depends on the coral, but almost all coral will die very quickly under those conditions.
  8. You can visit some of the more popular stores like Marine Life Hobbielist, Aquamarin to look around and get a feel for whats available in the market. Also the 2nd hand forum here is a good source for equipment. Do you have a budget in mind? A sump tank is highly recommended also. A Hospital / Quarantine tank is a very good practice, but most reefers don't do this, if you have the space and the budget you should definitely consider it.
  9. Petmart in Hougang almost always has stock. But I almost had a heart attack when I found out the price of the Eheim branded ones about a year ago.
  10. Is your love for your new fishy more than the effort needed to relocate your coral?
  11. Nice, a 2ft cube with 3 sides Starfire (low iron) glass. The price looks decent until you figure out what the shipping will come to. I reckon Shipping Alone for this tank and cabinet set will cost at least USD$800.00+ to get it to your doorstep after including packing and palletizing fees. Custom make an almost identical tank locally makes more sense.
  12. Have you tried using a third thermometer to see which one is accurate? I'm guessing the thermostat in the Resun is faulty or out of calibration. Have you calibrated the Resun thermostat to the thermometer then checked to see if it stays the same? Also how many L/hr is the pump your are feeding the chiller with?
  13. C328 (aka Clementi Ave 2, Block 328) carries Coralife salt, I've seen the buckets there before.
  14. Wow bro you're a beast! Good luck with these little guys! I had to stare at the picture for a minute before I could see the crab.
  15. In theory more LR is better for biofiltration. In practice though, too much live rock can create dead spots where detritus can build up. Also it reduces the amount of water in your system, and the space for your livestock to roam. So the more is better philosophy doesn't always work out so well, unless you have a HUGE sump and fill it full of LR
  16. For the JBJ 28G HQI Nano, the Tunze 9002 will only fit in the middle compartment, the sides where the returns are located are too narrow to fit it in. As this is where the overflow is, the water level there is pretty stable, it will only drop if your tank is _seriously_ running low, heh. Not so sure about the chamber arrangement for the 24G though
  17. 1/10HP will not be too strong. What might be too strong is the minimum recommended flow rate you need to provide to run the chiller efficiently. But there are ways around the minimum flow rate like moving the thermal probe into the tank, or using an external thermostat. 1/10HP and smaller chillers should not be a problem though, the flow rate of the return would be equivalent to a smaller sized wavemaker at best.
  18. What is the flow rate of your canister? I think the worst case scenario is you have to add an eheim or aquabee pump inline between the two points and you'll be fine.
  19. If you're on a budget, look at the Hydor Koralia or Seio wavemakers. For the price they do a really good job, and come in a wide variety of sizes. Personally I would avoid the other "China best" wavemakers, they're not much cheaper.
  20. Yeah if its very minimal, or the bubbles mostly stay at the surface, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. Hehehe thanks bro, hope they are doing well in your tank! They really did grow very plump and juicy in this tank though, thats why I like to visit GO to look for softies, hehe. I will be restarting my tank, but not so soon (waiting for after CNY) Still haven't fully decommed my nano yet, need to fish out my hardworking cleanup crew and find them a good home this week.
  21. Ah yes ok I agree. What I had more in mind was not exceeding the flow rate by an incredible amount. More along the lines of using for example a 1200 L/hr pump for a recommended 1000 L/hr flow rate chiller. Reason being with head/lift loss and tubing runs, canisters, media and other flow obstructions taken into consideration, you will almost never be able to produce the rated flow of your pump at the point it enters the chiller.
  22. What is the lift (head) on the Boyu pump? and how much plumbing is there between the pump and the return? Unless the pump is losing that much flow from height or other obstructions to flow, it should be enough. I've not had any experience with Atman chillers, but their other products I've tried in the past (canister filters) left much to be desired.
  23. The two most important things I would suggest you seriously consider in your tank plans are incorporating a sump into the system and getting a chiller. The sump would greatly simplify maintenance, and give you a wider selection of equipment and media you can use in the system, as well as increase the overall water volume to maintain stability. Concerns about moisture or evaporation buildup can be taken care of with some strategic ventilation holes, or you can cover the sump with a piece a glass to seal it in. A chiller will make it a lot easier to avoid problems and give you a wider variety of livestock to choose from. You should be able to get a decent 2nd hand chiller for around $200.00, and this should not add more than $15 - $20 to your monthly electrical bill. Evaporation from fan cooling will cost you almost as much per month in topups if you're using distilled water, and you will never be able to achieve temperatures as low or as stable as with a chiller. It will also give you a lot less headaches in the long run, and keep livestock happier and healthier. Compared to the amount of money you will be spending on your equipment and livestock, a chiller is a bargain trust me. Most of the bros here will be able to attest to this, not uncommon for them to own a piece of coral or a fish that costs as much if not more than a 2nd hand chiller in their tank.
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