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  1. Nice tank bro. This Hari Raya I jalan jalan at your place with tuperwares and frag kits can ?
  2. Kalau nak belajar mesti terus tarok SPS dalam tank.
  3. Many ways to acclimatised the new fish. Easiest way for me is to put the whole bag in the DT and every 15 mins, open up the bag and put 10-15% tank water in it and tie bag. Do for a 1-2 hrs. Release and pray hard that the new fish won't get bullied.
  4. Ok geng semua, buat roll call. Wa start dulu. 1) Rockyboy - Khairil 2) 3) 4)
  5. Aiptasia boleh mati, they don't last long as long as tak bunuh dorang
  6. Malu malu kucing pulak.... action seh...
  7. Tambah lagi malay reefer kat sini. Kalau dah hit 300 pages wa bukak part 3
  8. Kat sini senyap, kat whatsApp beribu message satu hari....
  9. Yes agree with you with your disagreeness.. Also, true, power supply plays major part on the life/performance of the LED.
  10. Yeah, it might helps...I was on dosing regime for sometime where my kH is about 7, diatom blooms non-stop, then after getting back to CR, with higher kH, totally no more diatoms. Probably with pH lower and kH higher makes the diatom disappear. My personal experience anyway
  11. Hi, Anybody knows where to find john guest fittings? Thanks in advance..
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