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  1. interested in Stand (My Nano cube stand starts to warp after 5 years). I stay in Woodland dr 75 too! Can view?
  2. Looking for True Percula Clownfish. If anyone spot it let me know. Getting one to pair up.
  3. Interested to get one set of Lumenaqua Mini 45. Is it possible to customise it to 3 white, 3 blue and 1 red?

  4. I think 20-30 is too low for me to sell. Decided to keep it instead. thanks
  5. I have a bubble that grow so big that I think my small 24G nano cube cannot take it any more. Due to the limitation of my nanocube, it can open around 22 cm x 16 cm by 20 cm (LxBxH) (The bubble is with me for more than 3 yrs. 2 yrs on 3 foot tank and 1 yr on nano cube) Can anyone tell me what is the market price as I cannot remember how much I bought. Side view 1 Side view 2 Top view
  6. Interested. Can collect today. But I would like to take a look before buying
  7. Looking to buy few true percular clown. Any idea which shop have a lot for me to choose (except coral farm)
  8. Getting the egg to hatch is only the first step. Usually one day after hatching, more than half is dead. Second day after hatching, usually you can use your finger to count the fly I only manage to get 1 fly to last one week. Waste a lot of $$ on rotifier. Finally give up.
  9. Apologies to those whom I cannot reply back coz simply too many.... Some addtional specs of the tank: Main tank Glass: 12mm I have received some offers with token sum offered. Though this is not a sale transaction, I welcome very much the concept of token sum. There will be viewing this evening at 8-9pm @ Blk 7, Pine Close. Call me only when u reached my block. I have the full right to OK any deal to my discretion.
  10. Hi everyone, On a First come first serve basis. Tpt. to be self arranged and paid from yr own pockets. I have been keeping this unused marine tank in my house for the past 1yr. Bought this from Gerald the tank maker at a price of $1,400 and it is still in good conditions except that the door hinges are rusty. It has the following specs best off from my memory: 4x2.5x2 Main Tank 3x2x2 Sump Tank Wooden Light hood White Cabinet with water resistant marine wood I am clearing this away FOC because I don't need the money, I need to clear space for my daughter's toys, stop my wife's na
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