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  1. i trapped before. use those iso box i think u have (didnt readtru ur thread). have one edge on the side where the euro bracing open (half) throw mussell, brine shrimps all the goodies) they will swim in. I trapped alot of my fishes like that. Once they are in flick it and dats it
  2. Dear all looking for 3 ft light set as one of the 2 set is not working. Thanks
  3. Looking for any wave maker for 3 - 4 ft tank. Please contact me at 90115357. The ones that my mum is using all spoiled. Didnt realise until last night.
  4. wat is the skimmate like? It happen when the water level is too high. there should be optimal level. we raised the skimmer and it stopped over folowing. normally overflow means like the main tank water. if so its not skimming. if overflowing means very very formy until fill up the cup. its doing its job. too much protein. At least tats wat we think in our house
  5. i will be going end of the month. any orders? the condition is I do the favor in return of a small coral (any) for the hobbyist, whom is my mum!
  6. if you need the solution, i still have. if yours pimpoint type?
  7. BTW, it killed so far 3 of the corals! still battling with it. it helps with scrubber n reduce feeding. but once start tats its for meaty coral. SPS seems to b able to overcome. LPS somehow is not doing tat well
  8. haiz, i didnt know you want. i gave one away
  9. I have caught all the fishes that needs to be caught! this is without any destress or harm to the main tank. someone is collecting them tomorrow! so Ken you wanna collect back your iso box? Taufig, where you stay? If its near Ken's place i can show you how, provided Ken agrees toloan you the iso box or you have iso box?
  10. Now down to one more to catch. U wan the pic of the box? it just normal isolation box, I do not really understand what you like to find out. I stay in serangoon, so if you are near pop by
  11. Just tot to share as we have been trying to use net to catch for 3 days. Then Ken Ng loan this iso box and within 2 days 2 fishes! If you tank is full of rock scape and corals plus you will like to reduce the number of fishes and do not wanna disturb of destory the scape. This is what we did: Step 1 Starve the fishes for 1 day Step 2 The doors of the isolation tank has a perpendicular "holder" just a small rectangle piece thats allows yuo easier access to open the trap door. Open the one side of the trap door with the "holder" on the bracing. Use a piece of wood or something as weight. The trap door must not be fully opened. its about 1/3 as this is the height i can hang off from the bracing of the tank. If its opne fully, the fish will swim in and out and its a useless trap. Step 3 put food in the iso box. We use mussels, MP, pellets & brine shrimps all together. Maybe the smell of the something makes all the fishes go crazy. Step 4 Put you light directly over the box, maybe it helps maybe not. But my thoughts is that if it shine down and dun look like its a trap as it maybe blinds the fish while looking up our something. But its a groundless theory, so up to you. Step 5 If the fish you do not want to catch is in the box. Leave it alone, our nice small clown keep swimming in like its his palyground. But maybe it also entice other fish to swim in. Step 6 DO NOT SIT in front all the time to watch the trap. Step 7 As and when you walk pass just take a peep, if you see the fish you wanna trap is in the iso box. Usually they will kena try to find the way out. Thats why leave the trap door 1/3 opened. Step 8 simply flick the edge of the door, remember the small "holder" is weight down. its a very simple flick and the door slams down. So far within 2 days, trapped 2 of the fishes we wanna trap. without even stressing on any fishes or corals!
  12. BTW, our elegance detached from the skeleton, we ahve been keeping in a jar for 1 year and is still healthy. thus if you do frag and the flesh detached. dun let the bugger float ard
  13. As stated, giving away both. But if you have a small coral for my mum (who is the hobbyist) it will be mych appreciated. If not no worries. Caught the domino damsel I personally like the domino, cute round fellow. when the dorsal fin stands there is yellow stripes. very nice. Not caught (waiting for the fellow to be trapped) deep blue damsel with mohawk strip of yellow. Interested combi. This you will have to wait as we need to trap. Please call 90115357. Collection in Serangoon, but if you have coral you do not mind trading we will bring the fish to you. BTW, the real liquidnoise love to go ard to look at ppls tanks.
  14. if u will be so kind we will appreciate. i cannot imagine the hobbyist (my mum) destorying her scaping just to catch the fishes. the scape was built since 2012. so its been there like 1 year plus. I really cannot imagine
  15. thank is 322 tat has scaped up with lots of rocks. this is old picture. now theere are more rocks
  16. serangoon. Need to trap 1 x trigger 1 x blue with yellow mohawk damsel 1 x other smaller damsel
  17. Hi all need to borrow or buy for one time use a fish trap. been trying to catch for 3 days thus give up but to try with trap. 90115357
  18. Hi all need to borrow or buy for one time use a fish trap. been trying to catch for 3 days thus give up but to try with trap. 90115357
  19. Looking for huge amount of glue for corals. I remembered someone posted that they can like huge bottle. BSI tube basically can only last 1 wk.
  20. Looking to sell / trade basically more interested to trade 1. 3" blue tang 2. trigger 3. many damsel desired trade, any kind of corals or BSI glue Will post some pic later. once confirm will catch the fishes .
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