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  1. Here’s the start of another new journey and also another new tank thread to keep track of my progress. The allure of the beauty of this hobby is just too great to resist. This is probably the third decent tank build I going to do after 14years in this hobby. My last tank wasn’t that great and encounter quite a lot of challenging problems (tank crashes 3x). The last crash was the last straw I decide to throw in the towel and decom. 
    For this new tank, I decided I want my tank thread to be more fun and less serious/stressful (haha) to look at rather than write about the technical aspects, the new latest gadgets in the market I should be using, how to maintain their parameters... etc etc etc.

    More relax and on a lighter note to enjoy this hobby. People should learn to relax and luv this hobby than to stress abt stuff such as why my KH so high, is my tank going to crash the next day?? Chasing numbers daily and worry abt tank leaking?? But that’s reality in general that we worry abt so much.

    That said, knowledge on Reefing is not build on one day. So take ur time, learn and enjoy this hobby and do ur due diligence and research.

    Nothing to show for now, except a sneak peak of my new scape. New tank not here yet...eagerly anticipating its arrival.  

    E95EA6F7-A334-49CC-ACB6-895FFE9741B6.jpeg.db2b4fccca56fc07b56fcdf8728452dd.jpegTank corner looked empty now.

    For those who dunno or never seen my old tank before...9EA55E45-0F7D-4573-B4CE-9B002CBF6682.jpeg.5d7c707b9b860d213a3d92d64054a0bc.jpegPhoto dated last July 2020.

    Will share more photos of my tank build and plans along the way. Hope u guys enjoy this hobby as much as I do. Cheers!!

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  2. 364A1E96-ECF7-451F-B91B-E4524CC3868A.jpeg.ec13320b9efb1bd005f9d23a10807f2b.jpeg Decom Day.... would like to give a shout out to all the bros who helped with clearing my stuff and RR who helped with the “decom”...3610F55E-48B3-4DAA-92BA-681BD9506E1B.jpeg.d3f51efd9d2b25a64b285fe8f0c0569e.jpeg...and finally found the dead body of this little fellow (misbar clownfish in case u guys can’t make out what is it from the pic) who went missing mths back underneath the back of my tank. RIP. 
    Ok, guess this will be my last post here in this thread and until my next tank thread (already in the makings....My Reefing chronicles 3?:eyebrow:)...adios!! 

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  3. Just Decom my tank hence giving away some unwanted biomedia. They are left out to dry in my toilet though. Anyone keen can pm me and collect by today or tomorrow preferably. If no takers I will dispose by tomorrow evening and it’s no April’s fool joke. Heheheh.image.jpg.7b19ea683d204d8de7a040eba1766574.jpgone big marinepure block and one big plastic bag of siporax >2kg. Pickup location at my place in woodlands ave 6.

  4. 9B9DE1FF-A18A-4A7C-B564-421A1725D25A.jpeg.b061b612a1d0f0a4333a45c0aa747260.jpeg






    EB91DB37-0CDB-4ED8-BBB2-DDA8FEC9FF88.pngTank was custom made oct 2015. Front glass crystal glass only. 12mm thick for display, sump glass is 8mm. As it’s old tank and display has scratches here and there, not for the fussy buyers definitely. Letting go cheap for any interested party, tank, sump and cabinet as shown in my pictures, not including equipments. $200 for everything, ie. display tank, sump and cabinet including the side cabinet which used to house the chiller compressor. Location in woodlands. Pls pm me if keen.

    Pls read carefully and I will not respond to rhetorical questions eg how much for the lights? Pls arrange own mover at ur own cost. Tank has no leaks and will be at the buyer’s liability to conduct his own leak test as it is a old tank. If no takers, will scrap it during new tank arrival. Thanks for reading.


  5. I also have 2 super actinic illumagic Vitamini led bars as seen in my pics. Pls pm me if u willing to take everything including the black alu hanging bars, steel wire and kit. Price can be discussed. Vitamini still have abt 3mths warranty left.

  6. I have 3 sets of inled r80 and Skimz cm122.EEE9B67D-4820-439C-BC6C-1EE2872245DB.jpeg.cfd5ea08e6eddb6f80119adffc103570.jpeg



    Leds usage for a year plus and cr abt 5yrs, circulation pump just changed in jan time, feeder pump, solenoid, co2 tank and ph controller/probe not provided. Media in the chamber is new and can passed to the buyer if he wants. Using Tlf reborn.

    R80 Led per set: $350, take all 3 sets $1000. No more warranty. Bought Aug 2019.

    Reasons for sale: Upgrade new lights after Decom.

    Skimz cm122 cr (half filled with media): $200. No warranty. Can’t rem when I bought it. Shd be more than 4-5yrs.

    Reason for sale: Upgrade after Decom.

    Location in Woodlands Ave 6. Pls collect from my place and pm me if u r keen. Price is firm.

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