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  1. Hi all, these are the remaining items for sale. Ecotech Mp10 wavemaker wireless QD Mobius ready: $300 Ecotech Mp40 wakemaker: $250 Radion XR30 G4 Pro lights (mobius enabled) with stand and Diffuser (diffuser I cut off a part of it but does not affect the light or performance of diffuser): $400 Rowaphos Reactor: $70 Dosing Container: $50
  2. Want to sell a mini chiller, suitable for 10 gallon tank. S$ 75. The original price was S$ 260. It's two years old, but only used for six months. Also want to sell a wavemaker. A little strong for my 40 gallon tank. Probably OK for corals that like high flow or a bigger tank. Don't remember the original price, so selling for S$20. Prices are for self-collection at NTU. Please add S$10 for delivery.
  3. Decommissioning my 3ft x 3ft x 1ft shallow tank. The tank itself was built by BGA, custom build. It is normal glass, 12 mm thick. 90cm by 90cm by 34cm tall. Meant for a shallow reef setup. Comes with black aluminum stand and 80cm by 40cm by 40cm sump. Tank set for sale at $600. Equipment: Hailea HK500A (used for less than 6 months) - $350 Apex Controller set (used for 1+ years) - $700 Deltec 39W UV Sterilizer (used for less than 6 months) - $200 Clarisea SK3000 Gen 2 (used for less than 6 months) - $250 Skimz SM167 Skimmer (used for less than 6 months) - $250 4-head RedSea Doser (used for less than 3 months) - $400 Skimz SS9.0 Wavemaker (used for less than 4 months) - $40 Additionally, I also have dosing containers and dosing liquids that are unused, and some additional gadget and accessories, including test kits, that are for sale but not listed here so please message for those. Please message this number for more details and pictures on WhatsApp: 81six8 8five68
  4. Hi, I just bought a Jebao SLW 20 sine wavemaker and was wondering what type of flow would best suit a FOWLR tank. Types of flow include... 1. Laminar/ constant flow 2. Gyre flow 3. Random/ turbulent flow I was thinking that gyre flow would be useful for picking up detritus off the sand and using a laminar flow at night so that the fish can find dead spots to rest. Anyone got any opinions?
  5. New AI Nero 5 wave maker ( Small but pack with power ) Up to 3,000gph Don’t be fooled by its compact demeanor! The Nero 5 punches well above its class delivering true 3000 gallons per hour (gph) of flow. That’s the kind of flow that keeps your tank clean and your coral healthy. For more information about the new AI wave maker, please visit AI official website ; http://www.aquaillumination.com/flow/nero/nero5.html#neroPower Products can be purchased at all authorised dealers
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen, here are some stuff to clear... If interested, please PM 5kg dead coral and small rocks that used to be in my overflow compartment. Maximum about 8cm in length, mostly in the 6 - 8 cm range. $5 Rossmont Mover 15200. Small but extremely powerful powerhead. Used less than a year with receipt. 24w, 15200 litres/hour Slight unnoticeable kink on the cover when I tried to pry it open for cleaning, but doesn't affect performance. $90 Hailea HX-8810 . This is the older model with a stronger max head which consumers 20W instead of the new 17w (1.6m) version 20w, 1000 litres/hour Max head 1.95m $10 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Great for small tanks up to 250 litres, OR just for stirring salt mix... $30 Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) Not working, needs repair, no idea what's broken, get for spare parts, etc $5 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6085 Reliable workhorse 14w, 8000 litres/hour $120 Beamswork/Odyssea 18w LED dual switch - Blue only or Blue+White 6 white + 3 blue $10 Eheim 1264. Another trusty workhorse. 100w, 4500 litres/hour Max head 3.5m $100 Resun Autofeeder AF-2009D $5 Sunsun Submersible pump HQJ-1000B. Only used for under 5 minutes, flow deemed too strong for refugium. 12w, 1000 litres/hour $10 Collection at 164127. Thanks everyone
  7. Hi reefers, letting go of my ow50 becos of upgrade. Wave pump holder magnet need replacement though. Other than that all is good. Pls refer to the pics I juz taken after doing a quick functional check. Need to remove the hard calcareous deposit on it too. Duration of usage approx close to 2yrs. Collection at my blk near woodlands ave 6/admiralty mrt. Letting go at $25.
  8. Hi all, Clearning up my storeroom. All items priced to sell. 1. Maxspect 120deg Lens Kit Reflector for R420R @ $15/unit (take all 4 units @ $50) 2. TDS Hand-held Meter @ $15 3. Water Pumps a. Aquaspeed A600 (600L/H; 6W) @ $10 b. Evo Pump (480L/H; 6W) @ $8 c. LifeTech AP1000 (360 L/H; 8.5W) @ $5 Take all 3 for $20 4. SOBO Wavemaker WP-50M (1k - 3k L/H; 3W) @ $15 5. Two Outlet Diffuser @ $6/unit (take 2 units @ $10) 6. EHEIM Auto Feeder @ $25/unit (Take 2 units @ $40) 7. Warmtone Auto Feeder @ $5/unit (Take 2 units @ $8) 8. Seachem Alkaline Buffer (300g, used < 5 teaspoons - practically full, freshwater only) @ $8 9. Seachem Acid Buffer (300g, used < 5 teaspoons - practically full, freshwater only) @ $8 10. Mag-Float Magnet (modified with stainless steel scrapper, and comes with 3 new blades, good for 10 - 12mm glass thickness) @ $15 Collection @ Changi, can arrange also weekdays @ Suntec City. Interested, please WhatsApp 91682887.
  9. As above, selling the following; 1 x Iwaki MD 30RM (used) 2 x Iwaki MD 70R (one used, another new) 3 x Tunze Wavemakers (two in good condition, one needs replacement of propeller/driver unit and missing one silicon buffer) Selling all for $200 or any REASONABLE offer, location at Ubi Ave. 4 during office hours. Reason for selling, not keeping reef tanks anymore. I dont log in here anymore so any interests just message me at nine-8-for-6-for-O-7-tree thanks, jon
  10. Hi all, upgrading tank thus selling some equipment... and helping fren to sell some stuff too. if interested can pm me ur contact and we can carry on from there... thanks alot!! 1) 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Cabinet (used for 1year+): $200. Can include the 2.5ft sump FOC. 2) Hailea HS-66A (Bought in August'17): $200 3) Bubble Magus C5.5: $100 4) SKIMZ water pump WP-VSC6 (http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1910): $140 5) Jebao SW-4 Propeller Water Pump Wavemaker: $30 6) Marine Magic Dosing Pump: $50 7) SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers: $30 8) 3 stage rodi system - $80
  11. I have three lightly used Tunze 6055 and a multi-adapter, which allows you to control up to 4 wavemakers with 2 controllers, or 2 wavemakers with 1 controller. These were mainly backup wavemakers and were used less than 6 months at any one time, so plenty of life left in them. I also have a tunze nano wavebox, which can be used to create standing waves even in a 3ft tank. I still have the original box. Lastly, i have a tunze skimmer, which i used for a 2 x 1.5 x 1.5ft tank for 1 year before i decided to customise a 3 x 2 x 2ft tank. I still have the original box. All items were from reef depot. I am clearing stuff for Chinese new year, so any reasonable offers go! Whatsapp me at +659187 95 three six. Thanks!
  12. 1. Skimz SK201 in good working condition. - $200 2. Deltec SC1456 - pump somehow work intermittently, maybe due to Long storage but controller works fine. Pump sure needs replacement - $100 for body n controller 3. 2 x 2nd gen mp10 (before the black quiet drive version) - control module needs replacement as its constantly flashing green-red light. Pump is definitely in working condition, else can buy for spare parts - $90 each pm if keen. Thanks for viewing
  13. Hi, looking to sell 3 units of Ecotech MP40. Unit 1 (old model, 2.5 years old) $180 Unit 2 & 3 (Latest model, 1 year old) $300 each All in good condition and still running in tank . Buyer can test before bringing hm. Viewing at Tg Rhu . Wassup 9657six008
  14. Wts 1hp compressor with coil. Used for 3 years. $350 1 ATI 8 TUBE T5 3 ft $80. Ballast working properly, but fan doesn't work, 3 wave makers (wp40, wp60, rw8) $30, 40, 50 respectively. Wave maker ballasts replaced with higher watt power supplies 1x unknown ehiem pump (used for 6 years+) $40 Collection in bedok Whatsapp me at 97210603 if interested. Thanks for your time!
  15. Suitable for up to 200L tank too strong for my seahorses Used for less than 1 month. still in tank and will decomm on day of collection Letting go for $85
  16. Hi everyone, Some items priced to clear. 1) Jebao Wavemaker RW-20 (~ 1 year) @ $70 2) Skimz Fluidised Reactor @ $40 3) Biopellet Reactor @ $30 4) iAquatic Calcium Reactor (requires an Aquabee 2000 pump, not included) @ $60 (have some spare CR media, will include FOC) 5) CO2 canister (note is rusty but was topped up several months ago and unused) @ $30 (CR + CO2 together bundle @ $75) 6) Maxspect R420R 120 deg Reflector @ $15 (take all 4 for $50) Interested, please WhatsApp 91682887. Collection in East. Thanks for viewing!
  17. Dear Brother and Sister, I'm helping my friend to sell away 2 powerful wavemaker. Motor is running out of tank to reduce heat in water. Item : Vortech MP10 WES Specifications: Flow: 200 to 1575 gph Wattage: 8 to 18 watts Maximum Tank Thickness: 3/8" Appropriate Tank Size Range: 2.5 to 50 gallons Dimensions: Wet Side- 2.5" diameter by 1.5" long, Dry Side - 2.5" diameter by 2" long Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 2.25" Ecotech Marine VorTech EcoSMART Features: Improved Wireless Range On/Off Button Wave Auto-Tune Mode EcoSmart Nutrient Transport Mode EcoSmart Tidal Swell Mode Dark Mode New and Improved Night Mode, Feed Mode, Battery Backup Power Meter The Classic Reef Crest, Lagoonal, Short Pulse and Long Pulse Modes are still included A new more water resistant driver case Both Wavemaker Used but not Abuse. Owner change to 4ft tank, thus selling away 2 smaller wavemaker. Each pcs selling at $180. Interested please PM me or Whatsapp at 9382 2624. I will test on the spot for you before you bring it home. Collection at Yishun after 8pm or Clarke Quay in the Day.. Thanks, Lorenzo
  18. Hi, below items are available:- Eheim filter ($10) Refractometer ($20) Rossmont Mover wavemaker M4600 [without external magnet] ($30) Sicce Syncra 2.5 water pump ($70) Real Dried Rocks in big container, can fit 6 footer ($50)
  19. WTS a newly bought Conch Aqua Slim 7 wavemaker. Bought 2 days ago on 18/6/2017. Comes with digital controller and local warranty. Selling because it is too strong for my pico tank and blows all the sand off. But it would work great in a larger sized tank. Really slim and sleek design! Considered brand new in box. Bought at $145, selling at $130. Pls whatsapp me at 9760 5838 to deal.
  20. Selling the following: 2x Ecotech MP40wQD 1x Ecotech Backup Battery (Still have warranty) All in GREAT condition, both the MP40 wetside have been very recently replaced w new ones. Retail at: $1,330 Selling at: $770 WhatsApp me at 9438two788
  21. Hi, looking for Tunze 6040 wavemaker. Let me know if you have one to let go. Cheers!
  22. Hi, selling the Vortech MP40; Previous model; not sure which generation. The controller changed recently to Quiet Drive one as shown below. Currently running in my tank; changing because it blocks part of my tank's view; I am looking at internal wave maker. Price $150. Please pm; thanks.
  23. Decomming my 35cm cube nano tank. Upgrading to bigger tank, hence will try to just keep 1 tank. All items used less than 6 months 1) 35cm cube glass tank with IOS, return pump, LED light (normal LED light - white and blue) with custom cover - $80 2) Bubble magnus qq 2 protein skimmer - $50 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $80 4) Jecod (same as Jebao) Dosing Pump 5 channel - $80 5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - $40 (very very very new) Take all : $300 This is the tank with the stock LED light (nemolight) Tank with zetlight Bubble magnus qq2 sits perfectly in 2nd compartment. (when using Zetlight, you can still clip at the back. if using stock light, have to clip at the side) Zetlight with light charts. This light is really amazing and my corals all loved it! with the auto functions, it can fully control from daylight to sunset! Almost new wavemaker 5 channel auto dosing pump with box, pipes and extra motor. Very new!
  24. Have a maxspect gyre x150 used for less than half a year letting go for $250. Still have warranty. Impeller just changed so it's as good as new. WA 96208225 to deal. Collection at pasir ris
  25. Hi all, I'm selling my used maxspect gyre xf130 @ $90. Used for around 2yrs. Condition 6/10 but still in working condition. Still in original box. Description of the conditions: Some of the flaps in the ruggedized propeller has broken or missing in some of the sets. There's 4 sets in total. Rubber in the bushing has worn out and torn and I replaced it with diy silicon tubings. Some dead Coralife algae stains on flow cage. Collection location: Near admiralty place/mrt. Pls pm me if u r keen, thks!!
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