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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, these are the remaining items for sale. Ecotech Mp10 wavemaker wireless QD Mobius ready: $300 Ecotech Mp40 wakemaker: $250 Radion XR30 G4 Pro lights (mobius enabled) with stand and Diffuser (diffuser I cut off a part of it but does not affect the light or performance of diffuser): $400 Rowaphos Reactor: $70 Dosing Container: $50
  2. Hi, selling following equipments : Arctica chiller DBM-250 - $550 Deltec skimmer SC1350 - $250 Kessil led A360N - $200 Vortech wavemaker MP10ES - $180 Collection @ Woodlands - Whatapps @ 98458255
  3. Hi Folks, Selling away the equipment as I've decomm my tank. Have attached the pictures. PM me if interested. 1) Reef Octopus skimmer used for many years - FOC if you purchase any other items below 2) Maxspect LED lights R420R used for 3yrs - $250 (inclusive of the add on lens to expand the light coverage) 3) Vortech MP40W used for many years - $50 4) Led Lights - $10 5) Magnesium Mix - $20 6) Calcium Mix (opened) - $10 Will give a bundle price of $300 if you take all 6 items together
  4. Hi, selling the Vortech MP40; Previous model; not sure which generation. The controller changed recently to Quiet Drive one as shown below. Currently running in my tank; changing because it blocks part of my tank's view; I am looking at internal wave maker. Price $150. Please pm; thanks.
  5. Selling the above mentioned. Used for 2years. Magnet a little bloated but still usable. One of the vents on the cover broke but I superglued back, doesn't affect performance in any way. Selling at $30. Pls pm me if interested. Self collect at woodlands area near admiralty mrt. Thks.
  6. Decom sales 1) 2 x Naso Blonde Tang 6" ( $15 each) 2) Unknown tang 6" (black color) ($10) 3) Artificial Liferock and Liferock (see pic for pricing. For sizing purposes,my tank is 6ft) 4) Skimz Monster SM251 + 2 ES5000 needlewheel pump + spares ($200) 5) ATC Refractometer ($35) (Barely used) 6)Hydrometer (salinity,temperature) ($5) 7)Vortech MP40w-ES (Wireless) ($300) 8)Jebao WP40 ($40) 9) Laguna Max Flo 16000 ($200) 10) 50g bluetub ( for mixing water) ($20) 11) ADV Reef Skimmer collection cup (With overflow prevention) ($20) 12) Fluid Reactor ($25) 13) Dual Fluid Reactor ($40) 14) Tropic marin IMMUVIT (Unopened) ($10) 15) Bulk Reef Suppy Biopellets (around 1litre) ($30)
  7. Hi fellow MP40 users, My MP40 suddenly stopped syncing to my radion. That's means before that I could could press feed mode on my radion and my mp40 pump will go into feed mode. I dunno why it suddenly stopped syncing. I have tried the following methods but still can't resolve the problem. Doing hard & soft reset. Re-program and reapply Ecosmart config settings. Power on and off both radion and vortech & check cable connection. I using one radion and one mp40. Currently the W light on the mp40 driver is not lit meaning wireless is disabled. Anyone encounters this before? Any way to turn the wireless back on? Pls help... Appreciate & thanks.
  8. Hi all, I am new to the Vortech series and am quite unfamiliar with the different modes. Like to see what most of you are using
  9. Hi all, I've a blue controller mp10 for sale at 180. Interested parties, please contact me at 94doublefivedoublefive69. Low-ballers will be posted here and every forum I know. Thanks
  10. i have a mp60W for sale . i changed using some thing else i bought it from Iwarna last May 2012 . selling for $500 . Deal in Pasir Ris . sms me at 81334883 David here are the pic :
  11. Anybody letting go? Please contact!
  12. letting go my mp10, just changed the propeller unit! everything is working, all modes available, the whole unit is in a very good condition - comes with its original box and accessories - the original propeller unit (which is spolit, gotta change the magnet for it to work, other than that everything is good) $250 collection at tampines, fcfs basis do pm me if interested
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