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  1. Ecotech MP10: $290 Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor 150: $60 Hanna Salinity Tester with salinity calibration solution: $80 Hanna Alkalinity dkh Test Kit (need to replace the reagent): $70 Hanna Phosphate Test Kit (need to replace reagent): $70 Hanna Calcium Test Kit (need to replace reagent): $70 Hailea DS700 Pump: $10 F4 bracket for Kamoer doser (brand new): $30 Kamoer F4 Dosing Pump (antenna area a bit corroded but still working well): $150 Dosing container: $50 Nyos Viper 2.0 return pump: $50 Nyos Viper 3.0 return pump: $60 Collection in the west. FCFS thanks
  2. Hi all, selling off Hailea HK150A Chiller --> used 1 month after replacing whole unit, extremely good condition and cleaned: $250 Able to negotiate for a fast deal, please contact eight1six8 8fivesix8 on whatsapp for pictures and videos of equipment
  3. Decommissioning my 3ft x 3ft x 1ft shallow tank. The tank itself was built by BGA, custom build. It is normal glass, 12 mm thick. 90cm by 90cm by 34cm tall. Meant for a shallow reef setup. Comes with black aluminum stand and 80cm by 40cm by 40cm sump. Tank set for sale at $600. Equipment: Hailea HK500A (used for less than 6 months) - $350 Apex Controller set (used for 1+ years) - $700 Deltec 39W UV Sterilizer (used for less than 6 months) - $200 Clarisea SK3000 Gen 2 (used for less than 6 months) - $250 Skimz SM167 Skimmer (used for less than 6 months) - $250 4-head RedSea Doser (used for less than 3 months) - $400 Skimz SS9.0 Wavemaker (used for less than 4 months) - $40 Additionally, I also have dosing containers and dosing liquids that are unused, and some additional gadget and accessories, including test kits, that are for sale but not listed here so please message for those. Please message this number for more details and pictures on WhatsApp: 81six8 8five68
  4. Still under warranty and comes with the box. Collect @ 563588 WS 9878885O to deal $380
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen, here are some stuff to clear... If interested, please PM 5kg dead coral and small rocks that used to be in my overflow compartment. Maximum about 8cm in length, mostly in the 6 - 8 cm range. $5 Rossmont Mover 15200. Small but extremely powerful powerhead. Used less than a year with receipt. 24w, 15200 litres/hour Slight unnoticeable kink on the cover when I tried to pry it open for cleaning, but doesn't affect performance. $90 Hailea HX-8810 . This is the older model with a stronger max head which consumers 20W instead of the new 17w (1.6m) version 20w, 1000 litres/hour Max head 1.95m $10 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Great for small tanks up to 250 litres, OR just for stirring salt mix... $30 Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) Not working, needs repair, no idea what's broken, get for spare parts, etc $5 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6085 Reliable workhorse 14w, 8000 litres/hour $120 Beamswork/Odyssea 18w LED dual switch - Blue only or Blue+White 6 white + 3 blue $10 Eheim 1264. Another trusty workhorse. 100w, 4500 litres/hour Max head 3.5m $100 Resun Autofeeder AF-2009D $5 Sunsun Submersible pump HQJ-1000B. Only used for under 5 minutes, flow deemed too strong for refugium. 12w, 1000 litres/hour $10 Collection at 164127. Thanks everyone
  6. Hi guys. I bought this New Hailea 28A Chiller. And I find out that this is the wrong size for my tank. So I want to bough another one to fit with my tank. I would like to let it go at $320 SGD with FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep. Anything more about this please let me know by WA or DMs ( +65 9168 6083 )
  7. Hi all, upgrading tank thus selling some equipment... and helping fren to sell some stuff too. if interested can pm me ur contact and we can carry on from there... thanks alot!! 1) 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Cabinet (used for 1year+): $200. Can include the 2.5ft sump FOC. 2) Hailea HS-66A (Bought in August'17): $200 3) Bubble Magus C5.5: $100 4) SKIMZ water pump WP-VSC6 (http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1910): $140 5) Jebao SW-4 Propeller Water Pump Wavemaker: $30 6) Marine Magic Dosing Pump: $50 7) SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers: $30 8) 3 stage rodi system - $80
  8. selling the above. About 2 years plus. still in excellent condition. RFS decommissioning extra tank since now the last remaining inhabitant has passed away Asking for $200, slight negotiable if able to deal fast. but no low ballers pls Pick up tampines. Interested parties WA 81886690
  9. Letting go of this chiller. Last serviced at Bioplast. If u want to bring again for servicing (ie. calibration) it would cost between $50-$80. Asking for $200. non negotiable as the item is in good working condition. WhatsApp me at 81886690 for faster response. pick up at tampines west area
  10. Currently using a 1/2 hp Hailea chiller for 120gal tank. Problem: when it running it is very loud. I don't have the option to run a split system with a coil in the sump. Looking for a quiter option. I've seen some good reviews for Arctica and Teco - would appreciate your thoughts.
  11. Haliea chiller for sale $170 Used for freshwater only. 3 yrs old. Comes with external temperature probe.
  12. Selling a 2year old hs-66a chiller. Looking to sell at $300. Never mod before. Previously used to chill marine tank. Unit has been cleaned and we'll function. Interested pls msg 9one1one6seven0five
  13. Upgrading to larger tank at new home so letting go of my system. This system gave me great joy with fast growth of SPS CHECK OUT THE PICS ATTACHED 1. Innovative Marine (IM) 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Aquarium (with return pumps) with Glossy Black Cabinet - $600 - FREE 2 Clownfishes - FREE Blue tang - FREE Live Rocks - FREE Jebao RW4 wavemaker 2. IM SkimMate Ghost Skimmer - $50 3. IM MiniMax – All-In-One Media Reactor - $100 4. Radion G4 Pro with Radion RMS mounting - $800 5. Hailea HS-28A Chiller - $150 6. 3/4 Tub of Red Sea Reef Pro Salt - $50 Whatsapp or call 9666-6713 for fast deal. Special discount if take whole set.
  14. Hi All, Selling the below as the reason is I have upgraded my tank, all are in useable and working condition: A Established IM20 Tank with 2 Caddy basket and 2 Rotating Spin Nozzle (With abit of slight scratches at front view, barely noticeable) + Give Free nano IM Magnet cleaner + Sand (Original PUMP leak current =() $185 B Kessil 360WE with goose neck mount with USB controller $350 C Hailec 28A Chiller 1/10 HP, Super silent $160 D Overflow box SKIMZ OM2500, usable. Super silent, Selling AQUA LIFTER also) $20 E Bubble Magus QQ1 HOB Skimmer (Retail $100), value for money skimmer $65 F TOM's Aqualifter pump (Retail $35) $20 G Left 80% Seachem KH Buffer (Retail: $25) $12 H SEALED Hailec 28A Chiller 1/10 HP UNUSED, Super silent $280 I 2 Cartoon of Dead Rocks $90 J Auto Fish Feeder (less than 6 months), EHEIM style $10 K Jebao RW 4 $20 H Bacteria KING Media 2.5kg $25 Please do not PM me as I seldom login to Forum for time being... Whatsapp me at 9295413 Eight. Collection at East, Will include photos tomorrow. Thank you! : )
  15. Hi All,I have a question here. I've recently bought a chiller. Is it normal for a Hailea HS28A chiller with 1/10 HP to cool down a 60cmx28cmx20cm (2ft)tank from 26c to 25c using about 35mins to 40mins on an average temp day? I'm having an external temperature probe installed and my canister has a flow rate of about 700L/H.My placement of the chiller is at a space where air ventilation is quite good. Chiller kick-out time is about 50mins to 1 hour.Thanks ALL!
  16. Dear all, I have the following items for sale: Sanrise Aqua Pro LED (30 cm) without WIFI controller (used for 3 months) - selling @ $260 Hailea HS28A 1/10 hp (used for 5 months) - selling @ $300 Reef Octopus OTP 1000 hang-on-back skimmer (used for 1 year 3 months) - selling @ $170 All items can be self-collected near the old Hougang Plaza, preferably from 8 pm onwards. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  17. WTS: Hailea HS-66A 1/4HP Chiller bought from iwarna in Feb 2015, selling for $320. Self collect in pasir Ris
  18. Hi, anyone selling hailea hs-28 chiller? Please pm me. Thanks.
  19. Hi All, Looking for Hailea HS-28A 1/10 HP, 2nd hand chiller working condition preferably 1 year or less. PM me thanks~!
  20. Leaving Singapore for work, selling off all aquarium equipment for low price! 99% new used for a month!!! HS-66A can chill 300 Litres of water from 28 Celsius degree to 18 Celsius degree after 20 hours continuous operation. Digital LCD Control Display. Titanium Heat Exchanger. Suitable for fresh and marine water. Email me henrychang@me.com if interested, pick up at Sembawangb
  21. HS 28A 1/10HP (external thermostat installed) going @ $250. HS 90A 1/2HP going $350.
  22. Hi reefers, Juz decommed my old tank & hv this Gd condition chiller for sale. Bought last nov from Aquarium artist. UK plug type. Letting go at $380. Self collect @ woodlands area.
  23. Selling a few mths old Hailea HS-28A - $240
  24. Hi, I have the following items for sale: Sanrise Aqua Pro LED (30 cm) without wifi controller and used for 3 months - selling @ $260 Hailea HS28A (1/10 hp) used for 5 months - selling @ $300 All items are with their original boxes and are for self-collection at Hougang near the old Hougang Plaza. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  25. Used by previous owner for about 6 months a back up chiller. I have not used it at all. Reason for selling is too big for my old tank, and too small for my up coming new tank. Selling for $160 Almost new, condition 9.5/10 can come n check the insides, all very clean n new. Very good for 2ft nano tanks with canister filter Collection tampines, wa me 91126495 to reserve HC-100A 50~220L 1/20HP R134a 220~240V 200~1000L/H 50Hz 9.2kg 0.6A 338×218×325mm
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