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  1. Wld u consider a Teco TR5? It's less than a year old, very compact and 1/12Hp.
  2. Eggs should be hatching before dawn... Can see babies inside she'll already. But will be happy if 2 out of estimated 200 survive..
  3. Three-day-old Radium 150-watt 20,000K double-ended bulb at $70. Bought for $101. Too blue for my taste.
  4. Thanks guys! Will keep u posted. I will probably buy copepods and newly hatched brine shrimp and put in tan. The eggs are in on foundation rock, so can't be moved. Let nature take itscourse. Funny. My freshwater ram cichlids also spawned, and a pair of burong kukus (a type of local bird) have made a nest on my window and the chick's chicks have hated # all on Valentine's Day!
  5. My common clowns are spawning. This is the first marine spawning of mine, after 40 years in the tropical fish hobb. It's so exciting!!
  6. Beautiful tank, Jay. Especially the hardware. I go to NYC once in a long while. Maybe I'll visit u the next time.
  7. Hi folks, go the above to let go at only $25, with two free bulbs thrown in FOC. The set is old but bulbs are six months old, running on electronic ballast. Brighter than T5. Will let the pictures do the talking... Collection in Upp serangoon 93683104
  8. Not quite. Has to be luminous green all round, even in white light.
  9. Here's a clip of my tank in first week of switching from T5 to MH.
  10. Looking for luminous GSP - the kind that is really brilliant glowing green with no white centre.
  11. 24-watt 2' Odyssea actinic blue T5's - brand new. $12 each. Buy both and get a thumb-size xenia frag (occasionally pumping) FOC.
  12. Also for outright sale if offers are reasonable : looking at $100 for ATO and $50 for WP25 or nearest offer
  13. Hi got a 6mth old Jebao WP25 that is way too powerful for my 160 litre tank Anyone with a WP10 who wants to swop? Also looking to replace Tunze nano ATO (2mth old) for a similar age dosing system. Whatsapp 93683104 to trade.
  14. Price cut to sell: PL set now only $25. The bulbs alone cost $30 when new.
  15. Hi I know thus thread might already be long dead, but just trying my luck. So most of you have had good experience with 14000K bulbs? I read 6500k is best for coral growth?
  16. One Odyssea 2' T5 set with four six month old 24-watt ATI tubes. One power compact (PL) set with six month old 36-watt tubes (6,500K - full spectrum, best for coral growth). T5 set $70; PL set $30. Take both for $90. Whatsapp 93683104. Deal near GO.
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