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  1. Awesome setup! What QT procedures do you go through for your fish and coral?
  2. Going to keep it bare bottom. Getting nice upwards flow from the Neros and will keep the system ultra easy to clean!
  3. Going through cycle. Added a bottle of dr tims and some established bio blocks from another display. Ammonia reading today was 0.25. Not long now!
  4. Hi reefers, starting a new thread to document my new nano reef. It is an aqua-one 90L tank. Goal is to be simple. Going to be acro dominated with an assortment of zoas, chalice and other encrusting corals along the bottom. Ive kept it bare bottom as I want to have a crazy amount of flow through the system. This setup is in Melbourne Australia, at an LFS which I work at. Equipment list: 1.Real reef rock branching 2.Nero 3 x 2 3. Hyrda 52 4. BM 3.5 skimmer 5. Mantis Bio blocks. Future fish list: -Platinum Clown pair -Convict Small S -Flame hawk S -Baby golden head anthias x3 -Blue tail pipe fish Tank is filled with saltwater and have added Dr tims one and only bacteria to cycle so will give it a few weeks to settle: IMG_0451.MOV IMG_0444.HEIC
  5. Hi all. letting go my 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 tank FOC. Comes with sump tank. Piping will need to be reworked and there have been some modifications to the cabinet. Tank in average condition therefore FOC Note- Low cabinet- 2ft height. Taker to arrange own transport. WA me at 85711317 if interested. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Looking for a UV steriliser. Looking for a medium/large size model. Pls whatsapp me @ 85711317 if you have one for sale Cheers.
  7. Hi. Quite a generic post but very keen to buy some predator fish for my 5ft tank- Looking for: Groupers, Coral trout, snappers, trevally's , Eels, Trigger fish, Lobster, small stingray, etc etc... Please Whatsapp or PM me at 85711317 if you got anything for sale. Cheers!
  8. Hi. Looking to buy a moray eel. contact me if you have one for sale. 85711317 Thanks
  9. Hi looking for T5 bulbs for my 5ft flowr tank. I Don't mind second hand as long as still working. Pls WA me if you have anything for sale 85711317. Thankyou.
  10. Hi looking for a simple light for my 3ft Flowr tank. Pls WA me if you have anything for sale 85711317. Thankyou.
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