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  1. Here's a maxima that's been with me for over a yr, and it's grown by 20%. Another pic shows a crocea baby I bought from aquamarin yesterday. Third pic shows overall tank.
  2. My flame died. One week later, my yellow Tang, which was feeding, also died.both from same shop. Two days ago bought a skunk cleaner shrimp from that shop - it died in the bag!
  3. They are some of the easiest polyps around.I believe the pale yellow is not the natural colour. U can tell how happy polyps are by how much they extend their "tentacles".
  4. how long do Gonios last? sorry i just came back to the salty hobby. when i started some 20 years back, Gonios were plentiful, cheap, but last no longer than 6mths.
  5. u still got the golden angel? feeding? i can buy it off u...
  6. Hi anyone knows how to silence the overflow? And my tank glass fogs up now and.then... how to solve besides raising temperature (which is not an option)?
  7. hi, am looking for one or more of following things: 1) a nice clam with metallic green mantle 2) soft colt coral 3) white pulsing xenia 4) st thomas mushroom 5) pellet-feeding flame or golden angel tks
  8. Luminous green hairy mushrooms: individual polyps. Eheim canister filters x 2. HOB filter: x1
  9. i made the basic mistake of not checking if the fish was already feeding before buying. cyclopeeze: where can i buy this?
  10. Yellow tang and paired clowns. All introduced at same time. will try clams.
  11. Really healthy looking Idols. Great job! How long did u take to convert them to pellets?
  12. hi all, a 2-inch flame angel which i bought five days ago is not eating. can anyone help? any foolproof food that will trigger eating? please help. tks.
  13. i just bought one. i love the clever design. will commission it once my tank is ready to go.
  14. Hi Keith, madpetz resin can be used in crystal pro canisters?
  15. Changed resin. Best reading is 15ppm. Checked with Aquamarin, which uses Crystal Pro too, and they say cannot get zero reading. Anyone who uses this product and CAN get zero reading?
  16. After 30hrs of drip, still 40ppm. Tried high flow, also doesn't work. Give up. Going to petmart to change resin tom.
  17. someone in previous thread said to try MAXIMUM flow to achieve low TDS reading. a bit confused.
  18. After dripping overnight,reading drops to 25ppm. Still not good enough leh. NTUC Pure bottled water is 7ppm!
  19. Hi anyone using crystal+ pro 3stage DI water purifier? My set does not seem to work well. Still producing 40ppm water after half hour of running. New set. Appreciate advice.
  20. hi does anyone know where i can get Chill Solutions CSXC-1? help much appreciated.
  21. tks bro. but my cabinet space can only accommodate CL-150.
  22. hi bros. am looking for a chiller for a 60-litre nano. it is built into a cabinet, and the only space available roughly 320mm x 450mm x 300mm. did some research, and it looks like only the RESUN CL-150 will fit. does anyone have any experience with this model? appreciate any feedback. tks
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