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  1. collect at Punggol today. First come first serve. PM me w your number.
  2. PM me if you are near Punggol
  3. Multi branch BN frags. $8 each or trade with other frags. Location: Punggol Top view:
  4. Sorry for those who PM'd but did not receive reply. Currently, reserved.
  5. Decided to reduce the number of my BTAs to make room for other corals. $50 for more than 10 med size orange BTAs nicely attached in a straight tonga branch making it easy to position in your display. It is like a bouquet of flowers. Will consider trading for torch, gonio, hammer , milli sps Collection at Punggol. Top View: Side view:
  6. Collection at Punggol, just beside Bus interchange. First come first serve.
  7. still have 3-4 small sizes (1.5-2cm)
  8. If you don't have frag to swap, can sell small one (~1.5cm) for $5 and big one (~3,5-4cm) for $10. Collection at Punggol.
  9. Still have few pieces left.
  10. After re-scape, managed to detach several baby orange BTA (1cm to 4cm). Trade with small green or red BTA or zoa frag. Good for nano as this type don't grow very big. The colony:
  11. Please PM me if you have one to offer and staying in Hougang-Sengkang-Punggol area.
  12. PM me if you need some. Collection at Punggol.
  13. PM me if you want, Collection at Punggol. Cheato still in the sump.
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