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  1. Foc a 2ft T8 light 2 tube aquazonic for your sump refugium if you take two. Two for $75 the best price. Retail price is 80 per pack https://www.n30.com.sg/refugium/194-ecosystem-miracle-mud-5-lb.html#.V19AcvTXeJI
  2. Selling two ecosystem miracle mud packs, 5lbs each, $45 each. Please PM me.
  3. Phosban reactors all sold . Mod please close the thread. Will open a new thread for the mud.
  4. See the link http://www.ecosystemaquarium.com/products/marine/miraclemud/miracle-mud/
  5. I have 3 set of tlf phosban reactor 150. One is modified to run np biopellet (see picture). selling $45 each for non modified ones. $40 for modified one. Also selling two ecosystem miracle mud packs, 5lbs each, $50 each. Please PM me.
  6. Do you have clown tang in the tank? I found the most aggressive between sohal and clown.
  7. Chiller return outlet is at the same compartment as the chiller pump, you may try to put the chiller return outlet into the display tank to see whether it solves the issue. 28C and 30C should be able to feel it by your hand.
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