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  1. It depend what u want to dose. Kalk, alk, mg,cal..... Best u test each pump dosing amount as there is varies.
  2. Ur situation is serious. Set up qt and let dt without fish for at least 4 wk.
  3. If the fish didnt getting serious or white dot appear, not encourage for any medication. It will only further stress the fish and go more worst. When my purple tang start scratch LR, i start garlic guard mix with pellet n seaweed n 2nd day happily swimming.
  4. Use arcylic sheet cover the filter sock compartment and add a fan to get the air out of the cabinet would help.
  5. Wah so fast grap already new lens already ahh.. How it's. Good? Better coverage?
  6. Just careful with 2 tangs and fews other fish for a month tank. Monitor the fish and do frequent water changes.
  7. Coralline algae is pretty hardy and not so easy bleach. You tank parameter still not optimum. Maybe you can use salifest no3 to test again. Maintain sg 1.025 max. Your coral condition will better upon your water quality improve.
  8. There might have another ammonia spike with the dead LS. Remove all LS and off your light and let the tank cycle again. Dose some bacteria and frequent change water. Chiller would help in this case and you might want to off that too.
  9. Selling 1 unit 10 months old Eheim Pro 3 2080 included original 2 intake and 1 rainbar with 19/22 ehiem tube each. Throw in new shaft with bushings (7444390), Bio home (grey) - 1kg + Ehiem SUBSTRAT (enough for 1 tray) & Normal ceramic ring (enough for 1 tray) for $350. Flow rate - 1700L/hr, Wattage - 25, Hmax - 2.6m Volume - 25L Collection at Jurong West and PM if interested. FCFS
  10. My friend will be going back to China and he willing to help me bring 1 or 2 pcs wp10 over. The price estimate is rmb 215+10 (domestic delivery). It will without warranty but i will ask him test in China. You may pm to place interest and i need to check with him whether want to bring how many pcs and you need to xfer full amount upon confirm. If you are not comfortable with the term, kindly don't pm as this is goodwill arrangement and no profit make.FCFS
  11. We always lack behind US.
  12. We always lack behind US.
  13. Most people hang around pasar malam and not respond to your question is normal. Just look into other ppl setup and you should have the answer.
  14. My head need to turn 90deg to see the sump. Nice scape.
  15. Haha yeah. Pocket will empty fast too.
  16. Actually center of the scaping was hollow cover by these 3 rock.
  17. I left abt 1" to 2nd compartment and make a square box using arcylic to cover it. Thanks for concern.
  18. Will be out about 1 month time and you may check with Madpetz.
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