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  1. WTS: Dymax iq5 mini skimmer. $5 Perfert starter package: [brand New] Salifert NO3 test kit (60 test) - $18 (RP $25) API 5-in-1 Test Strips (left 20 sticks of 25) - $15 (RP $29) Brightwell Aquatics - Reef BioFuel (90%) - $15 (RP $29) Brightwell Aquatics - MicroBacter7 (50%) - $8 (RP $30) Seachem - Marine Buffer - $2 (RP $8) Buy All = $48/- SMS or whatsapp 96855070 to pick-up
  2. WTS: Live rock with coralline algae for small tank. Selling for $15/- I have a few dry rock for sale too. VTO. Msg me at 96855070
  3. First, you have to decide if this is just try try for fun and you will never upgrade due to space, or you do have plan to eventually upgrade. A small tank will get filled very quickly and you will lost the thrill and excitement as quickly as your tank get filled. If you have intention to upgrade to a 2 or 3 feet tank later, you should go and look at more tanks. Get "poison" before buying your next item. Else you end up spending $$$ and then have to sell away all items when you upgrade. If you have limited space and 100% not upgrading, then a tank with IOS is better. Can't buy much with $200/-, you don't need a good light if you are not going corals. Nano-skimmer is a waste of money, just do weekly water change will do. A hang-on fan is more important since you are unlikely to get a chiller.
  4. Use a syringe, inject boiling hot water at it. Repeat 2-3 times, then reverse by pulling the syringe and suck it up.
  5. What's the dimension of the tank? Look lovely
  6. AM, GO & LCK were open yesterday. The notice on Aquarist Chamber's door said they will open today. Not sure about the rest.
  7. Looking forward for more pics. What's the dimension for this new tank?
  8. Looking for somebody with a small amount ~0.5-1 liter of bacteria king to sell or give away. Need it for a Pico tank. Even the smallest pack in shop is too much. Pls PM me if you have, I can self collect.
  9. Just wondering, can I drop biopellets into those useless nano skimmer and like the bubble tumble the pellets?
  10. No proud reef owner to volunteer open house?
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