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  1. Life used to be 0ppm but recently tested 3ppm. Then found it has sodium which i didnt noticed previously.
  2. I think a lot of decomm is due to upgrade to bigger tank.
  3. http://toddmoore.com/2013/01/31/whats-in-your-water/ This article says this water purifier with tds 0. Click on the zerowater link brings you to amazon and the price is only USD38 + somemore comes with a tds meter. Too good to be true?
  4. Wow i like your house. Minus living and dining still got alot of space.
  5. NO3 160? Thats very high !!! U need to do like 50% water change every 3-4 days to bring it down to 20 or less.
  6. Old crown is a smart crown. Only acting for u to see until lights off. [emoji3]
  7. I have a 60L drum bought from madpetz. Black colour
  8. Was wondering why my acro was losing fresh everyday. Took it out and found this little #/#*÷^'@×. Looks like snail but more like those lah lah we eat at chi cha. Size only abt 1cm.
  9. Yes looks like coraline algae. Maybe spread fr nearby live rick.
  10. Oh no its really bad. Can grow in size and ate snail and small fish. Need to get it out.
  11. Thanks RayL i google stone crab image and found this which is the one in my tank. Will google more and to get more info.
  12. Anyone has this crab in your tanks? I have a few which i think came with rock. Grey not hairy and always picking on rock. How bad are they?
  13. Hi just curious whether the new rocks going to start a cycle. Also thinking of adding more rocks.
  14. Triton al99 phosphate remover can remove phosphate, silica and barom. can get from iwarna.
  15. I only read dont have the experience after diatom gone will come the green algae.....
  16. I read somewhere that diatom is cause by high silica from new piping or tab water. Even with 0.00 phoshate u can still get diatom.
  17. Ok tks bro. Think i am safe cos i shown the plug to homefix and got the adaptor. I was thinking i need to do more to have th chiller grounded
  18. Hi im also using hs66a but havent experienced eshock yet. Can advise how to make the chiller grounded?
  19. I heard the red and green led will cause red algae and they shld be turn off. Not sure true or not i have not experienced it yet. Finger crossed
  20. Hi all, saw this at the market opp chinese garden mrt and thought maybe its good to share. Looks like our Rodi unit. Didnt get to ask for the price as the seller wasnt there and i was rushing
  21. Yes LFS also say test kits cannot be totally trusted.....but they still need to sell them lol
  22. Btw the guy from LFS told me that if both no3 and no4 is zero all corals will die off
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