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  1. Hi, Have about 2L sera siporax, just remove from my sump. Selling only $30 Will give away few pieces of live rocks to the buyer of siporax. 1pc of medium size and few smaller ones. PM for pictures. Thanks
  2. Giving away a handful of cheato. Collection at bukit batok east by today only. Have a great Sunday!
  3. Recapping nano tank and found this rock too big Approx size 17cm long 10cm wide 10cm tall. Gsp fully wrapped the rock top $60 or trade with other coral Thanks
  4. Hi, all Monti are taken. Left with - large gsp rock - 6 polyps rainbow infusion Thanks
  5. 2p rainbow infusion zoa is taken Left Monti is taken Still available : - gsp - 6p rainbow infusion - Monti (right) Open to trade as well. Thanks
  6. 3. Lime green monti. More than 5cm across. $5 each Thanks
  7. 2. Rainbow infusion zoa. 6 polyps : $25 2 polyps : $10 Close up photo
  8. Hi, going to do major rescape of my nano tank and hence need to sell these overgrown corals : 1. Large luminous gsp rock. Approx size 17cm long and 10cm high. $60 Top view. Rock is the left side of the Monti. Side view Front view Close up view
  9. Taken. Have a great weekend!
  10. Hi, a handful of cheato to give away. Collection at bukit batok east today. Will dispose tonight if not collected. Thanks
  11. Zoa #1 reserved Monti taken Can still frag more green Monti if anybody keen Thanks
  12. Hi, have the following to clear. At bukit batok. Thanks 1. Rainbow infusion #1 $10 1. Rainbow infusion #2 $7 3. Rainbow infusion #3 $6 4. Lime green Monti, about 5cm $8
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