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  1. Zeovit Shipment arrived! Including the Marine Fish food pellets, Immune Stabil Fish & Amino acid concentrate Fish.
  2. Caribsea Shipment arrived in our showroom! Time to stock up!
  3. Hanna Instruments shipment arrived! Proceed to our showroom, or nearest LFS to grab one! Alternatively, you can make a purchase off our website at www.deaquatic.com
  4. Both 422 tank delivered and installed to customer's house!
  5. MAG CLIP Contains 1 feeding clip Clips on to: the Large and Large+ Mag-Float sizes Works on both: Glass & Acrylic models Item#00352 Easy removal of algae from glass/acrylic surfaces No longer knock over decorations, damage corals and invertebrates No longer get your hands submerged into the water of the fish tank Time/money saver on maintenance Large cleaning surface area makes the job quick and efficient Stays free of debris Can be maintained attached to aquarium surface Strong, high-quality neodymium rare eart
  6. They are back in stock! Get it before they are gone again!
  7. 3x2x2 reef tank from customer's house.
  8. 4x2.5x2ft Marine Tank setup....
  9. Gryphon Diamond Band Saw C-40 and C-40XL is back in stock! including accessories. You can purchase here: http://www.deaquatic.com/home/productcatview/35
  10. - Extremely Porous - Stimulates Coral Growth - Also Serves as a Bio-Media! Due to the extremely porous nature of the Bio-Plug, water current can penetrate the Bio-Plug to reach the surface of the coral frag, both from the top and bottom, this allows the coral frags to extract nutrient from the water column easier. The Bio-Plug also serves as a bio-media, huge amount of bacteria colonies grow inside and on the surface of the plug, many of which can be easily captured by the coral frag polyps as food, which further increases growth rate of coral frags.
  11. MJ-GF SERIES Gyre Flow Pump Superior Cross Flow Technology Explained Comparing to traditional powerheads and wavemakers, based on propeller nozzle technology, our latest gyre generator is based on crossflow technology. Near-Silent Operation With Sine Wave Technology Sine Wave Pattern Traditional Pattern Achieve full circulation within the aquarium with ease Integrated Controller with Large Display Fully Programmable 24 hours gyre flow cycle Water Movemen
  12. MJ-DC SERIES - DC Pump Near-Silent Operation With Sine Wave Technology Sine Wave Pattern Traditional Pattern Specification
  13. The new Maxspect Aeraqua has finally landed in SG! The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo skimmer is a new generation of skimmer with a design that offers several advantages and innovations ... Small Footprint, Big Skimmer Don't be fooled by its size, the AD600 rated for up to 1.700 liters ( 450 gallon) tanks Fully Integrated, Highly Optimized Don't be fooled by its size, the AD600 rated for up to 1.700 liters ( 450 gallon) tanks! Everything is integrated The elegance and refinement of the Aeraqua Duo has been made possible through several ingenious ideas
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