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  1. Reducing to $50, self collect at Tampines st 41.
  2. Selling off my Chihiros Wrgb2 led 60cm, Freshwater planted light. wireless controlled used for 3 months Still under warranty condition 9/10 letting go at $200($300 new) interested pls pm at 91169558 self collect only, Tampines
  3. Helping a friend to sell her Used Hanna phosphate checker. No more warranty, we’ll used. condition 8/10 Letting go $60, self collection only interested please DM at 91169558
  4. Selling shallow 3ftx1ftx1ft (5-6mm)bare tank. well used. self collection only at Tampines. asking $50
  5. Helping a friend to sell off her Used Hanna Salinity Pen, digital refractometer. Bought around March 2021. Still have warranty, receipt available. Comes with 2 more calibration liquid. Selling at $100. Item looks new. interested msg me at 91169558.
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