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  1. Includes only the AquaZ carbon. No more control valve in stock! Thanks
  2. Hi All! 2nd batch came in with a very special price! Retailing @ $68.00!!! While stocks last! Thanks
  3. hmmmm... just got a call again from my supplier- big typhoon and hence a delay in arrival time... tomorrow evening 8plus PM
  4. Stock arriving @ 830pm... 22/10/04 5 archilles tang 13 lemon peel angels 5 multicolour angels 5 potter angels 15 chevron tang 200 yellow tangs 3 hawaii cleaner wrasse.
  5. I want the tank too! Can I go see the tank?
  6. IMPRESSIVE! hee hee upgrading? Well done bro! Been wanting to see your tank!
  7. hey bro! realised your true percula is out in the main tank! congrats! Thought tat fellow is going to stuck at your overflow for good!
  8. The nearest bus-stop is also quite far from our farm. Best if you could grab a cab from Pasir Ris MRT station.
  9. Adress: 70 Pasir Ris Drive 12, Farmway 3, Singapore 518234 Directions: - Exit Pasir Ris Drive 12 from TPE, - Turn left on the first small road (right after UMCI building) - Turn right when you hit T-Junction (pet farm in front) - follow the road (you will pass by a bend) - look for mermaid logo holding a ball on your right (tat's the one) Or call Victor @ 96676432 for any other queries!! (try not to as my phone got too much salt in it and sometimes it just don't ring!) Cheers! See ya!
  10. Commonly known as the purple reef lobster or majectic shrimp. Shy creature. Always hiding in rocks- quite hard to see it during the day.
  11. Will PM the price to whoever interested
  12. NEWEST SALINITY REFRACTOMETERS! Just brought in one batch of stylo refractometers! Good quality, high accuracy and with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)! Also: - Accuracy of up to 0.1% - Hand calibration (unlike the old version which is screw-driver calibration) - reasonable pricing! (while stock last)
  13. I hope you guys don't mind me putting a bit of my fishes here: Some of my stocks (only after 4pm pls) - 45 blue tangs. - golden head gobies. (many) Other sand cleaners (recommended): - black sea cucumber, - banded gobies - I think these fela are more hard working than the golden head. PM me if you need to check on my stocks...
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