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  1. Hi, For nano tank or cube that is less than 2ft in length, is there any recommended lighting? For the recommended lighting, is the tube readily available at the LFS? I'm used to T5 but if i'm not wrong the shortest is only 2 ft. Thank you
  2. any idea for 12G model, what's the difference between the original and deluxe other then deluxe has 1 more PL light
  3. Hi, Where can I get JBJ nano cube 12G? What is the best price for normal or deluxe? Or is there better option other than JBJ? Thank you
  4. can I know so far how's the 6025 performing? still have problems?? can 6025 owners pls advise
  5. needle pump for deltec mc500? price?
  6. Reefer who has kept royal gramma, can share your experience? This is a description of the fish by marine center: The Royal Gramma is magenta or purple on the front portion of the body, and yellow on the rear portion. it is a hardy, relatively nonaggressive aquarium fish. It will defend a preferred hiding place from intrusion. An ideal fish for the reef aquarium, this durable fish typically does great in any well maintained aquarium. Grammas can be kept in groups in the aquarium, but they should not be overcrowded and should be of varying sizes. Placing one larger fish and several small fish in an aquarium your increasing the chances that you will acquire only one male and several females. Do you find it as hardy? how long has it been in your tank?
  7. ya it is not a true blue vegeterian basically it will try whatever thrown into the tank and it can finish a rock of red bamboo... wah untill tummy big big now I have no worry for this fish at all cos it has a common "problem" as the rest ... too fat! oh I know it can grow quite big ... now I only hope my small tank can limit it's growth like my boxfish ... else that will be a real problem
  8. actually I don't know how big a royal gramma can be but I chose the bigger one to increase the chance of survival
  9. your fox will show its sharp piosonous dorsal soon just friendly match should be no harm done.
  10. bought the royal gramma wah the parrot really bey tahan ... somemore just beside the fishes! felt like that felle screaming at me to choose faster and this new shop is none other than lck110! the shop is at the right-side entrance, no dog. The left entrance many dogs. any lime green ric sighted?
  11. don't know if it is sign of gona lay egg. Do you have a pair? if not how to lay egg? the egg color is orangy-yellow something like tat. Nemo won't eat their eggs but not sure of the egg that tuens bad. very caring parents! egg will turn dark grey in a few days then the silver color eyes will appear then should hatch ard a week in a stormy dark mid-night
  12. don't think that will happen unless really "sway" cos coral also practice time sharing
  13. walao they already picked one of my LPS to lay eggs and seriously affecting it's health and now "sweep the floor" somemore!! !@#$% time to cook some "curry nemo head"
  14. like that cannot afford liao else die next day heart bleed
  15. Hi, My pair of true pecular clown, especally the male, keep "digging" big hole on the sand bed with their tails. Any idea why such behaviour? So far they have laid eggs many time.
  16. are you able to target feed the prata? as in when there is food will the prata show its tentacles ... hungry prata also won't expand
  17. Hi , Saw some prata at a lfs but was having a hard time to decide cos each prata has at least one tooth expose. The pratas looks settle down and not stress. Should I buy the prata if it has tooth expose though no algae on it? Should a healthy prata has expose tooth? Will it be able to cover the tooth if it is treated well subsequently? Pls share your experience.
  18. tjchan, how's your prata now? is it also expanding on the side where the tube worm is? I notice there is algae on the tooth where the tube worm is.... I also like to know will this cause the prata refuse to expand?
  19. the dragon goby I bought lately at least lasted for 1 week instead of 3 days .. really is a bit hardier. Hope it can survive as long as the others.
  20. kim sotong's stock almost all very good condition... best ever seen in a lfs shop... comparable to show tank or even better .... can imagine our indian friend really knows his stuff!
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