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  1. Hi bro, hit me up if you've found. I also looking for it
  2. 66A. Since your sump is about 3ft.
  3. Updates ? How's the probe doing
  4. Very very nice. What model is your maxspect?
  5. Hi guys, anyone does plumbing/ piping? Going to get a tank w/ cabinet and sump from a reefer. But I'm not sure how to do the piping works. Anyone here knows how to do it? Can hit me up with the rates etc?
  6. Also, can use marinpure or throw a few dead prawnss ( Will stink alot though)
  7. Love how this page is going. hhah bookmark this
  8. bring up my post. Anyone has it for sale
  9. Ng couple is expensive. Close to 400. Can get those for 350.
  10. Oh, sorry for double posting, mind pm me on how much is the nuvo set you got?
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