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  1. Reserved by bro XXXX 6142 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Hi Reefers, Have 2x Hydra26HD for sale about 3yrs old, rfs due to upgrade All lights in good condition and all leds working Buyers welcome to test at my place b4 collect Self collect only at my place @woodlands $200 per set, if get both is $380 Does not come with mount, only light set. Thanks for viewing. Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. All sold and collected,mod pls help close thread [emoji120] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. All reserved by grandmaster FHFL reefer! thank you for support! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Good day reefers! Dismantling my zoa squad for rebuild, letting go some nice zoas for good price. Priority always for bundle sales, pls kindly understand. Self Collect only at my place @admiralty from next week onwards only, Disclaimer, the frags comes with little bit of apitasia, so dun take if u OCD [emoji13] Reservations only with deposit to prevent handsome pilot reefers 🤪 Pls only watsapp 92three5three22three, No pms as i wont be checking PMs today as doing tank maintenance. All zoas taken with orange filter and wysiwyg, no additional edit, all multi polyps unless otherwise stated, ID is agaration only, pls dont flame me [emoji23] Zoas 1 - Sunny D $10 Zoas 2 - something infusion $10 Zoas 3 - something vampire $10 Zoas 4 - duno $10 Mushroom 5 - single polyp leopard disco -$10 Sps 6 - small birdnest -$5 Bundle price- $50 Thank you many many Thanks for reading and Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. sorry bro, all sold Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. collected by a nice bro, Mod pls close thread thank you [emoji120] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Sorrie guys and gals! All reserved by Ultra FHFL reefer Sankyu many many! Look out for my next sales! Good day and Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Good days reefers, some excess corals to let go Taken with blue light and filter, no additional edit Zoa 1 -$10 multi polyp Zoa 2- $10 multi polyp Zoa 3 -$10 multi polyp FF digi -$10 Take all -$30 Priority for bundle deal, pls kindly understand Not sure ID for zoas, think is sunflower, watermelon and scramble eggs, zoas may come with other type zoas also, i didnt check. (hitch hike) Self collection only at my place woodlands 731687 Interested PM or watsapp 92three5three22three, pls watsapp for faster response FCFS, reservation only with deposit Thank you for understanding Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Good day reefers, well time really flies and my reefer 350 has reach the 3rd year milestone. Really enjoyed this journey and been thru many ups and downs, more downs i would say lol [emoji23]. Killed tons of corals and waste alot $$ but which hobby dont waste $$? Reefing is a very rewarding hobby and it will never cease to be boring as reef tank always got daiji one, be it equipment failure, pests, unknown coral/fish deaths, dreaded brown jelly disease, Famous STN and RTN bros, Regardless of all the problems, seeing your fish and corals doing its thing is like having a piece of mother nature in your own home, really takes the stress away and helps to calm me down. Some pictures (with orange filter) to mark this milestone, hopefully many more milestones to go! [emoji4] Thanks for reading and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Probably is u miss killing those aiptasia in hard to see or reach places, i had aiptasia growing in places in sump near total darkness, they will continue to reproduce and spread. U can try kuekenthali shrimps, they do eat apitasia and generally reef safe but i found out they eat xenia as well [emoji28]. Fish wise is copperband, file fish and aussie stripey, but most likely fishes that eat apitasia is not reef safe and will find meaty coral irresistible. One way u can test is get a cheapo acan and test, if the fish dont touch it few months den likely safe, in any case fish behavior is hard to control so proceed with caution. Best of luck bro. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  12. Happy new yr reefers! Hope everyone reef tank is doing well. Been some time since update as bz with work. New yr time to try new things Sodium Hydroxide dosing- Raising alk and pH, much better than kalkwasser as its more concentrated due to its better solubility in water. Some reefers try potassium hydroxide dosing but this means dosing potassium into the reef tank, as i dont really do any icp or potassium testing so not considering this method. Really dangerous to prepare as Lye is quite corrosive, Doing necessary precautions, dont prepare with kids at home and ensure dosing container is hdpe/PP. Those commercial dosing container mostly acrylic base probably not ideal for long term storage Bought this kamoer dosing container which is hdpe material, 5L can use long time Remember to don the PPE- Not truly super safe but something always better than nothing haha. Always add NaOH beads or flakes to rodi and never the other way round. Add in some batches and stir, its giving a lot heat so has to be careful, also do in well ventilated place as fumes produced. Super high pH so need be extra careful. Some macro shots GSP- one of most underrated corals, reefers often fear it overrun the tank, simple way to overcome is to not mount on rocks, For me i mount on background and if growth is too much, it is easy to tear off and trimed, much easier to manage than pulsing xenia as it somehow can spread even though mount on isolated rock. Heng Ong Huat digi, also another underrated coral, looks good and tanky Orange chalice i tink, almost died due to rookie mistake and 1 yr later recession has stop and seems to be slowly recovering, before and after pics Another chalice coral, not cheap, but looks nice and like paddle pop ice cream, 1 yr of growth, before and after pics Another chalice, UFO i tink, Chalice is also another underrated coral, is colorful and quite tanky in my humble opinion. Some sps frags i got, hopefully can slowly grow into colonies. Thanks for reading! Wish all reefers a huat huat yr and Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  13. For acclimation, would advise drip acclimation. Its simple and cheap to DIY, get some airline tubing and airline valve to control the drip rate. For livestock, normally i would float the bag in my QT for 30mins to sync the temperature and start drip acclimate. I normally drip acclimate for 1 hr. i would check the end point salinity to ensure it matches my QT salinity before release. normally i keep to within +/- 0.002 works well for me. Hope it helps u. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Hi bro, do you know how will this affect current AI app users? Means all will need to swap to mobius? I am so used to current AI app, simple and neat. [emoji28] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  15. I using coral box battery backup, can check with reefmarket sg. Do check compatibility with ur wavemaker, not all is compatible. Aeration is the most important, the wavemaker is providing the aeration. just make sure wavemaker is creating surface agitation and u r good to go. Hope it helps. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  16. For my last power outage maintenance, i only prep ice bottle in advance, battery backup connect to wavemaker is sufficient. In the end, maintenance only lasted 2-3 hrs, technicians like to give alot buffer time in case of emergency haha..i didnt even manage to use ice bottles and power is already back..Corals and fish without light for few hrs is definitely fine. Hope it helps. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  17. Been awhile since updated Recently got him a girlfriend, cohabitation on the first nite, fast game [emoji23] Recently alot pests, pls dont expect ur LFS to ensure pest free, onus is always on the buyer. Introducing my Advanced Coral Inspection System (ACIS) [emoji38] 1. Reef dip = Red sea DipX 2. Magnifying glass to see pest and eggs 3. Car handphone holder (not sure wats it call) 4. Iphone to provide bright lights and timer for 15 min dip, (any handphone will do [emoji13]) 5. turkey baster to blast the dip solution at infected coral 6. Ikea 2liter Tub, very good for dip as transparent and sufficient height for larger colony 7. Maxspect tongs (useful tongs as wont rust) 8. Clean tank water for washing coral after dip; u dont want the dip to go inside ur tank as dips are harmful to inverts. My torch previously infected by euphyllia eating flatworms, look at huge chunk of meat kenna eaten… If ur corals kenna infected by watever pest, remember one dip is never enough, remember to inspect for eggs. Search and Destroy. QT and multi dips. Some photos by Olympus TG camera, underwater picture and outside handphone camera still got difference i tink Last but not least, very interesting coral on the internet [emoji23] Thats it folks! Thanks for reading and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  18. All collected, thread closed. Sankyu all! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  19. Reserved by Ultra FHFL bro [emoji41] Thanks all Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  20. Hi reefers, Some overgrown stuff to let go Mini colony bob marley zoas plus 1 polyp duno wat infusion zoas -$10 FF digi multi stick -$10 Both with orange filter and no additional edit. Buy both -$15 Priority for bundle sales Self collect woodlands Interested PM or watsapp 92three5three22three Thanks for viewing and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  21. If possible, rent a par meter from other reefers for par measurement, sometimes less is more, i got bleach corals b4 with too high light especially LPS. Use Eye is not zhun one. Most important is the light intersection point, ie the area inbetween 2 light source. If budget constraint, can google app for par measurements, dont think its accurate but agaration is better than nothing. Just my 2cents. Best of luck and happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  22. Agree, imho frag rack do drop and frags drop to sand or into other corals warfare and die. Not worth the risk. Expensive frags can easily cost more than the frag rack itself. Best to invest in a good magnetic one. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  23. Time for update Bought stuff from ah ma zone again [emoji28]. Witch hazel - Rumoured to stop RTN/STN. All based on anecdotal experience, RTN/STN is caused by some kind of cilates/bacteria (i tink) and this witch hazel can kill this cilates/bacteria. Ho siao or not, try and will know, as the saying goes dead horse treat using live horse medicine, in other words, since its 99% dying just whack loh. 🤣 Kalkwasser The legendary addictive that adds calcium and alkalinity and pH. Often dosed in the ATO but this method is very much dependent on ur evaporation. For me, i will use the doser and dose throughout the day to stabilize the pH. Purple non sulphur bacteria Based on description, dose liao ur reef tank will fly lol. Interested peeps can go algaebarn website take a look- https://www.algaebarn.com/blog/advanced/r-palustris-the-do-all-aquarium-bacteria/ Seems like holy grail of all bacteria, but as with all things in this hobby, its not snake oil unless proven so lol. Try try first, dosing bacteria to increase diversity also a good idea. Just got a new toy, olympus TG camera. Still trying to figure out the settings. This hobby will make u spend outside of the hobby lol. 1 hobby leads to another. Pok Gai soon. [emoji854][emoji854] Thanks for reading. Happy reefing! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  24. All taken by Super FHFL bro [emoji41] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  25. Hi reefers Letting go some corals LA Lakers (i tink) -$10 multi polyp FF digi -$10 bundle- Buy both for $15 Self collect woodlands interested PM or watsapp 92three5three22three Priority goes to bundle sales Thanks for viewing Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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