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  1. Hi 3 frags available at $55 per frag. Collect at loyang. Watsapp to 93364474. Thanks
  2. 4 red goniopora frags to let go. A - 50 B- 60 C - 40 D - 50 Mother colony for reference only. Colln at loyang. Watsapp to 93364474 for detail thks
  3. Hi u might want to consider preowned tank with sump that are in resonably good condition. Iwarna have some available and u can look out in this forum members who are decom their tank.
  4. Hi i have little shop of horrors zoa frag available if u are interested
  5. Hi guys. Have a stable frag of the LSOH available for $100. Collect at loyang Watsapp to 93364474 for details. Thks.
  6. Hi reefers. Letting go of the following (on 3cm frag plug): Dragon soul favia A.- $20 Dragon soul favia B.- $35 Sour apple favia C. - $40 Meteor shower cyphastrea D.- $25 Meteor shower cyphastrea E. - $40 big piece Collect at loyang. Watsapp to 93364474.
  7. Hi i have green speckled and chilli pepper monti if u are interested.
  8. Hi reefer. Have 1 stable frag of LSOH available at $100. Collect at loyang. Watsapp to 93364474.
  9. Hi have 1 big head of lumi green torch to let go at $60. Collect at loyang. Watsapp to 93364474
  10. Hi have a stable LSOH frag available at $100. Colln at loyang. Watsapp 93364474 to reserve thks.
  11. Hi have a stable frag available mounted on 3cm plug. Photo taken under white and blue led. No photoshop. Letting go at $190. Delivery can be arranged. Watsapp 93364474
  12. Hi bro i have red monti. Can pass u a frag to try. Self collect at loyang
  13. Update: A, B and C taken. D is available.
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