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  1. Actually will cost too much to print a paper version and send out. Why not just make a monthly e-newsletter that can be read from our emails...
  2. Ummm, explain pls. How can water change no longer be effective if pollutants are constantly being produced every day by LS?
  3. Love is when you consider the interests of someone else as more important than your own interests.
  4. Avy suggest you start a new thread on your question. This is a pinned general lighting thread for discussion, better if you don't hijack it for a different issue.
  5. check out the advertisement on the CR aquarium website!! WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT NEW GENERATION SYSTEM TANK Typically, when someone starts keeping fish as a hobby, first thing to do is pick out a aquarium tank (empty) and all other accessories like external filters, pump, lightings etc. After setting up the tank, they realizes it look clustered and difficult to maintain. New Generation System is different! We designed a back Internal Biological Filtration System which is hidden from sight. As such you have an unobstructed view of your fishes. This enhances your relaxation, isn't that great! NG system tank (I.B.F.S.) incorporates “gravity flow” technology that basically helps provide oxygen-rich environment for bacteria to grow, converting ammonia into nitrites and then to nitrate which is not only HARMLESS but very ESSENTIAL for the well-being of your precious fishes. Therefore, we highly recommend ABSOLUTELY NO WATER CHANGE! Isn't that amazing! Unbelivable! Check it out yourself. As a result, owning a NG system tank means almost ZERO maintenance. Only the occasional cleaning of the glass surfaces maybe needed. Besides helping to establish STABLE water condition, its filtration system also provide water clarity up to 99%. NG system tanks are constructed using 160% silicon sealant on Grade float glass imported from Germany. All NG system tank come with a life time guarantee, for leakage. Initial start-up cost may seems high, but with everything provided it is real VALUE for money. AT CR Aquarium, we not only manufacture aquarium tanks, WE BUILD HOME FOR YOUR FISHES!
  6. Apparently some people believe there is a "Superman curse". I don't, but this is an interesting read nonetheless: Is there a 'Superman' curse? Monday, March 17, 2003 Posted: 1742 GMT ( 1:42 AM HKT) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Tools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOLLYWOOD, California (Variety) -- With Paul Walker the latest to drop out of the running to play the title role in the new "Superman" movie for Warner Bros. (Josh Hartnett turned it down earlier), a question comes to mind: Isn't this supposed to be the role actors would die for? Not if you talk to talent agents. Frequently suspicious, they are rarely superstitious -- and yet, some raise the "Curse of Superman" as a reason the Brett Ratner-directed picture seems to be having trouble finding the Man of Steel. What is the curse? While everyone knows the misfortune that came to paralyze Christopher Reeve, the nervous breakdown suffered by Margot Kidder and the multiple sclerosis that struck Richard Pryor; many others connected to "Superman" have suffered. Kirk Alyn played bit parts and minor supporting roles in several low-budget films before getting his big break playing the title role in the 1948 serial "Superman." But after the serial ended, he failed to sustain a film career and retired to Arizona. George Reeves, who played the role of Superman in a TV series and several movies in the 1950s, was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head in 1959. The cause of death was listed as suicide, though controversy swirled around the death: Reeves' prints were never found on the gun, and he'd been having an affair with the wife of MGM exec Eddie Mannix. The first cartoon "Superman" was voiced by Bud Collyer from 1941-43. He went on to have a fine career in TV, creating and hosting the game show "To Tell the Truth." But he returned to the role to voice "The New Adventures of Superman" for CBS in 1966 -- and three years later, he was dead of a circulatory ailment.
  7. The more I look at what the salesman said, the more ludicrous it sounds. And unfortunately they are exactly the same claims made by Atlantis. Top up only with tap water repeatedly will give you endless phosphate and nitrate problems. "Years of research"?? Even huge marine biology institutes around the worlds have been trying to study seawater alone for years, and it is still not completely understood, much less the interplay between the chemicals taken in and excreted by the multitudes of undersea creatures. You could spend a lifetime studying it and you will still only know as much as the scientists around the world. To pretend to have "full control of parameters" shows that this guy knows nothing about how much must be controlled to have a mini-ocean in your tank. And we are talking about known parameters, don't say about what we haven't even learnt yet about the ocean. Like I said earlier, if this system is so good, you only need to patent it and you will be filthy rich. You will put all the skimmer, FR, live sand, water supplement, UV, ozone, kal reactor etc manufacturers around the world out of business overnight and you will be the reef-tank supplier for the entire human race. So personally, if you ask me if the thousands of people around the world for several decades who have been doing water change are wrong, or the guy in a little off-the-main-road fish shop with his miracle system is wrong, I say the fish shop guy is wrong. It's your choice if you want to get a "maintenance-free" setup, but remember people will tell you anything in order to take your money. After you buy, see what kind of service you will get when your fish and corals start dying. Most likely they will bo-chap you and look for the next person to con.
  8. sorry for the late reply madmac, kinda forgot about this thread yes, you are right, something will trap the detritus - if not bioballs, then filter wool etc. That's the point I'm trying to make. People have advised me to go "clean" in the sense that you don't use filter wool or other things at all, but just a skimmer to remove DOCs and even really small particles that are not dissolved. Everything gets skimmed out rather than remaining in your tank as one of the stages of the nitrogen cycle. I didn't say you should have sand in your sump either, that's not for filtration at all. If you want sand it should be in your tank as the DSB (where the amount of anaerobic bacteria can be large enough to effectively combat NO3). If its in your sump it should be a refugium and really should be after your skimmer in the loop. And no, your POC/DOC distinction is not completely accurate. What alan seah was trying to say is that there are minute particles of organic matter, primarily uneaten food, which will continue to decompose in your tank over time, producing more ammonia and eventually becoming NO3. By allowing your skimmer to remove these minute particles (versus having them trapped on the surface of your bioballs) will cut down the eventual NO3 production significantly.
  9. from what i've heard T5 doesn't do well at 2 feet and deeper. For example, people cite Danano's tank as a good T5-SPS tank. But look carefully and you'll see his tank is 24"x18"x18". That's 1.5 feet of water to penetrate, max. For, say, a 2.5 foot depth tank, quite certain that MH will reach the bottom with required intensity but T5 will not.
  10. BTW dude pls resize your pics in the future... this one is too large and SRC is already having server filesize issues.
  11. Flame angels I think are generally hard to catch as they hide in the rocks. Yours might have been cyanide caught and happened to ingest too much cyanide... still alive when you bought it but digestive system badly damaged. As soon as it tries to eat (perhaps in the night) the toxins that cannot be processed by the body kills the fish. Not saying this is definitely what happened, but is a possibility.
  12. same same! i was there once and got TWO people copying down numbers... but never receive letter leh... not complaining
  13. I think "nitrate factory" refers to how it traps little pieces of debris and waste as opposed to the stuff being skimmed out or siphoned off during water change. Because the organic matter is not removed at the early stage, it sits there trapped in the sump and just decomposes slowly. So unless you are diligent in taking the bio balls to wash once in a while, you are trapping debris there that generates ammonia. This really applies to a skimmer-equipped system where the alternative to bioballs is to let the skimmer remove the organic wastes. If you don't even have a skimmer, like the standard Atlantis system, no point talking about bio balls being a nitrate factory - the entire Atlantis setup is basically a nitrate factory as there is no skimming and no water change. NO3 just builds and builds continuously, and you end up praying for algae to remove the NO3
  14. yah, take a good look at the corals and try to remember what they look like. two weeks later go see again if its the same corals. quite possibly this salesperson simply replaces dying corals. had the same problem with my tank from Atlan***. Fella claims no need to change water, worse, his system only coral chip chamber and wool, no skimmer. Got all sorts of nitrate issues and the fish one kind of stressed. When you introduce new fish and they die, he claims that it is cyanide poisoning. Up to you whether you want to believe such things from sales person. But here's a thought which occurred to me when listening to the Atlan*** guy - if your system so pro no need change water etc etc, you have invented a miracle system and can beat everyone else in the industry especially priced at just $880. You will be rich and every one of your buyers will be recommending the system to their friends etc etc. You will be selling hundreds of sets to all the corporations/schools/shopping centres etc who will pay good money for a reef setup. You won't be stuck in a little shop in the middle of nowhere trying to attract customers off the street. Since it hasn't happened, I think it means the supposed miracle setup is really just sales bullsh*t.
  15. snailman... wonder what his powers will be!!
  16. blue heaven your school and your lecturer seem very open to your marine hobby ideas wat school is this?
  17. check out this other thread for advice http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...indpost&p=35408
  18. but i think phosphates come from feeding as well so even using RO/DI will not completely eliminate it, just reduce it somewhat.
  19. yah bicolor dottybacks are notoriously aggressive and territorial, especially to fish around the same size or smaller. mine created a lot of problems for my juvenile blue tang until the tang grew bigger and bully him back
  20. LOL I saw the title of this thread i thought you were talking about the angelfish "coral beauty"
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