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  1. put a betta box or a guppy hatchery into the tank and put food inside with the cover off. when the damsels go in to feed, quickly cover it or put a net over. then you can take your time to grab them out.
  2. hi folks though i'm new to reefing and src, would definitely be interested in meeting up with some of the more experienced reefers. just seeing people's avatar on the internet is not a very good way to build friendships. but hope people don't get too ambitious (clubhouse etc ) becoz after a while the work will outweigh the enthusiasm and then you have a problem on your hands. regular meetings at public places like kopi-tiam etc should be started imho so that those who don't already know one another can be introduced to the old-timers...
  3. Actually, reefs are being destroyed more by large-scale commercial/industrial activities than marine fish-keeping. Pollution, coral harvesting (for construction materials), reclamation, etc all destroy miles of reefs every year, much more than if you pluck a few tangs from the ocean. Personally, marine fishkeepers can help protect the environment by educating the general public about the destruction of reefs and the need to pressure governments to stop these harmful acts. The more people understand and come to love marine fish, the more voices can be raised against the greed of large corporations. HOWEVER, that being said, there is also truth that marine fishkeeping (especially the stupid widespread nemo-crazed kids) causes some small measure of reef destruction. Demand for fish in the shops will cause more people to go hunting for fish in the reefs, and many of them, in order to get hard-to-reach fish, resort to measures like breaking rocks open and using bottles of cyanide. Thus, though the fish-owner cares a lot for the fish and is interested in protecting the reefs, the very act of buying fish and creating the market for marine fish leads to some measure of reef destruction. So conservationists are entitled to their opinion and may rightly be upset at marine fishkeepers, but we are also just one small part of an enormous world wide problem that will not be solved by scrapping all aquariums.
  4. Melvin, this is a really good design. I'm highly impressed.
  5. actually aquamarine very easy to spot from Jalan Kayu itself. along the row of shops/eating places, there is a big white lighted sign with a red fish outline on it. cannot miss, especially at night.
  6. Well, this seems to be targetted at the loss-making outlets to try to get more crowd there. That's why all the popular, accessible ones don't have the offer
  7. ummm, according to the flyer i have, far east outlet no such offer. not sure sakae is even in far east, might be another sushi outlet.
  8. 1 x purple tang 1 x royal gramma 1 x blue/green chromis 1 x maroon clown 1 x flame angel 1 x racoon butterflyfish 1 x blue damsel 2 x cardinals 1 x boxer shrimp 1 x cleaner shrimp 1 x camel shrimp some snails running around the live rocks
  9. Marine Ich life cycle involves the parasite detaching from the body of the fish and free-floating in the water before returning to attack the original host fish and others. This is the point where massive multiplication takes place (on the fish, just before bursting into the water). So it might look like the ich has left the fish but it could be just about to come back in full force. Gotta continue to monitor carefully.
  10. Ok here's more details. Only five outlets: Heeren, Lot 1, Parkway Parade, Heartland Mall & Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre 1st Sep to 7th Sep Dine-in only. Not valid with other promotions/vouchers. 50% off all red plates.
  11. Bulk order I think you can try going to the bulk order forum, post something see if got more ppl sign on.... 3x for a 300 litres tank not sure if enough. Safer to go for 6x. Otherwise you can try 3x but use a slow flow rate and leave it on 24/7, hopefully that will do it.
  12. sigh another typo. I mean 50% OFF all red plates.
  13. Calling all those who dun mind actually eating fish I was told Sakae Sushi will be having an offer from 1 Sep to 7 Sep - 50% of all red plates... but only at the following branches: Lot 1, Heeren, Parkway, Causeway Point, a couple of others i need to go check. One week only, dun miss out!
  14. I heard all tangs are prone to marine ich. Can't stand damsels, keep snatching food from other fish! But yes, they are damn hardy fish and good for beginners. No matter the water condition, they still seem almost immortal Perculas and ocellaris are easy fish yes, but somehow they die easily. Either they develop marine velvet from the transport stress or they have cyanide poisoning as many come from Indonesia, a place where they are most undiscerning in catching fish. I prefer a maroon in the tank if you have damsels, at least he won't be bullied
  15. Many people who report successful use are definitely referring to the higher end ones. They are not cheap, though. The Coralife 12x, so far reputed to be one of the best, is at least $300. As for exposure of water and strength of bulb, go read the post I linked earlier. Don't want to cut and paste the text in here, sorry. Just like skimmer, got cheap and got expensive ones. Just because the really cheapo ones don't give good skimmate doesn't mean skimmers in general don't work. Not really the best comparison, but hope you get my point. In a lot of things in marine fishkeeping, there is no "scientific evidence". Most is from people's experience, and there are always exceptions everywhere. What seems to work for a lot of people may not work for you, and vice versa. It's really for individuals to try and see what works best for them considering their own unique setups. So for me and for many people, UV works. For others, it doesn't. You gotta decide based on the cost and the potential benefit to yourself.
  16. I'm also new to this hobby and lost a few fish before I learnt my lesson: 1) Read, read, read. From this website or books or whatever. Learn more about fish and their habits. 2) Talk to people, but think before accepting all their comments wholesale. LFS staff will generally be very knowledgeable, but remember they are trying to make a sale and some will be less than honest in order to earn your money. 3) Be patient. Don't try to flood your tank with new fish until you are more experienced. Add one at a time, after checking that you know how to feed it. Some fish peck on algae and other stuff in the tank, which will not be present in large amounts in a young tank. Let your tank mature before introducing such fish. 4) Do your own quarantine. Keep the fish separately in a tank or tub that has nothing but an air pump. Give it small amounts of commercial food until it learns how to eat the stuff. Change the water everyday, 10% should be fine depending on how big the fish is and how big the quaratine tank is (you have no filter system, remember that). Angels are not easy fish to start keeping, you might want to keep tangs or clowns first before moving to angels. Just a suggestion.
  17. Paiseh, type too fast. Should be: "The articles you read might have been older ones where UV was not really good yet. "
  18. I posted some comments on the use of UV to kill parasites at another thread: http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...ndpost&p=266308 To summarise, I think in the past due to less effective UV equipment or lack of proper usage, some people have developed the opinion that UV is not useful. My impression from a lot of recent users is that it works, and works very well. The articles you read might have been older ones where UV was really good yet. Just like any kind of technology, what used to be not good might become viable as refinements are made and better equipment is developed. I think UV is worth it nowadays.
  19. Agreed. Garlic doesn't "cure" ich any more than vitamins "cure" a flu that you catch. However, as it helps strengthen the immune system of the fish, which is what actually fights the diseases, I think it therefore it is directly related to the recovery process. If it doesn't hurt, should just keep feeding garlic daily, either by homemade garlic dips, garlic solutions or garlic enriched food pellets, e.g. Ocean Nutrition, which I am currently using. I don't see why garlic should be stopped even if the fish are not currently fighting ich. Good to build the fish up against future diseases.
  20. I'm running an eheim 1000 with my Coralife 12x.
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