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  1. Hello how much are you selling?
  2. 1 pair of black storm 3- 4cm each for $65 1 pair of midnight clown 4cm each for $55 Interested can pm me at 84two888one6 VID20230305201612.mp4
  3. Any tangs fish to let go can let me know I'm interested thank you
  4. Can trade if you have any fish you want to let go
  5. Which item are you looking for ? Clown is under reserve now.. only left coral.
  6. Yes bro still available Last pair of Picasso helmet clownfish left pm fast:)
  7. Up any 1 still keen 2 pair designer clown and 3 coral left
  8. 1 pair full mask Picasso. 1 pair helmet Picasso And 4 more coral Gonio Frogspawn Dragon soul Glove can pm me at 84two888one6 VID20220624211559.mp4 VID20220624211533.mp4
  9. I have 1 do you still want it?
  10. Cannot get long with my small fish to big in the tank letting go at $45 interested pls pm me at 84two888one6. I don mind trading also only fish VID20220604231533.mp4
  11. Hi I have 1 last pair of Super Black Onyx just just nice is 4cm and 4.5cm are you interested?
  12. Looking for Jebao MCP 150 waver maker pm if you are selling thank you
  13. Personal collection designer clownfish to let go Healthy, beautiful and friendly Extreme Blacksnowflake x 2 Size : 4cm Onyx x 2 size 4 & 4.5cm Pls bring your own bag Interested can pm me at 84two888one6 VID20220601112628.mp4
  14. Decom my 2ft tank selling all coral at $170 worth of ($280)

    Interested pls pm me at 8four2888one6






  15. Decom my 2ft tank selling all coral at $170 worth of ($280) 

    3 hammer

    1 frog Spawn

    1 gloves

    Keen can pm me at 84two888one6







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