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  1. Hi, Wanting to find out if anyone here used the above product with success.
  2. HAHA! Tot of it... but my clowns fishes wont have a home liao..
  3. Tank is fine. Not much new stuff leh.. still the same. Only problem is my Powder Blue... Developed a taste for Star polyps and Zoos... And my BTA seemed to be getting bigger and bigger as the day goes by... maybe i should stop feeding it... ORD LO!!!
  4. Ice ah? Hmm... can try later. Thanks!
  5. Woah... lights so bright... 1000w Tried looking at the bulbs? Then again... colors even brighter!
  6. Golden octopus. BEAUTIFUL large green bubbles... Alot of LPS. Got a single mouth round lobo from them, looks like a prata. HAHA! Worth the effort to track their shop down.
  7. SHucks man... Did thought of removing it. But its sticking on to a big rock in my tank. Tough... How about clove corals? Heard they r pretty immune to alot of stinging neighbours.
  8. I am using a dymax 2000. Working great.
  9. Hi guys, Having a problem. BTA in tank is growing bigger and bigger. ALmost double in size since i got it last year. Everyone who has/had one knows its tendancy to move about. Thus stinging the other corals. Gone are my octo, hammer, zoos and clam... Wanna find out if theres any LPS you guys have experienced, that have shown to have an immunity to the stings of the BTA. Thanks alot in advance guys. P/s: Not Other BTA ah...
  10. HAHAHAHA!!!! Hmmm... maybe they reproduce by splitting?
  11. Yeah understandable... been there once... Tanks condition quite bad... then price is crazy... didnt go back after that...
  12. Ah beng shop at pasir ris sells dispar at $10 for 3. One word of advice, although dispars are said to be the easiest, dont treat them like damsels and throw them into yur tank and hope they will survive.
  13. Woah... my fav also... 1. Queensway 2. Wisma Food Court 3. All Pasar Malams, just not SRCs. 4. Yishun Bus Interchange 5. Taman Jurong S-11. 6. Lorong Limau (behind whampao market) juz beside blk 76, the corner coffee shop at the store selling wanton noodles. 7. Hougang Ave 8 And i add one more. 8. Tampines mall basement. Got green one (Pandan) and Black/grey one (Black seseame i think....) and the original one... if i remember correctly is just in front of yu yan san. Drooing ... chewy... cruchy... MMmmm
  14. HAHA! Man... my mom tot i'm nuts laughin at the com..
  15. HAHA!!! Seven Colors...... Yeah been there too. Tried to sell me a common brown cup coral for $80. HA!
  16. Everyone loves Muar Chee... i mean... just Look at this poll! How can u not?!
  17. $60 for both? Or each? If its the latter i think yur overcharging tad bro... unless its huge
  18. Yah lo... Haiz... think the zoos hav to go...
  19. Feeding yur corals after light is a good idea... but mine keep attacking the zoos even when i am feeding the fishes... ARGH!!! ANd its doing it NOW!
  20. HAHA! Ya la. SO now spending my free time looking for jobs... Haiz... But plan to take a short trip b4 starting my life as a WORKING Adult.
  21. HAHA. Not much new stuff in my tank leh... Digi cam not with me also. Haiz... saving on buying LS liao... going to ORD soon lo...
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