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  1. Wiser and more patient? Definately man... Read up alot during these few weeks... nothin gmuch to do ma... Very careful abt wat fish/corals to buy... steps to introduced them to the main tank.. etc etc. Lets just hope this doesnt happened again ya? HAHA! Eh now my main tank can almost rival yur pods tank liao... shld see it when i'm feeding my corals and the main lights are off. SWARMING MAN! They are like crazy missiles... Maybe time for a mandarin in a couple of weeks?
  2. Harlow loster... HAHA! No lah Added in my 4 clownfishes abt three days ago. Test water. DOing great! Dashed into my green bubble tip immediately after swimming out of the fish trap. Next will be my soldier fish, Then YT... and finally The powder blue. All three been in the QT for almost 2 mths liao... Dunno how i can tahan so long also... Been stocking up on cheapo LPS for the past few weeks. Finally got my long time fav. Blue mushies!!! haha! Will take pics soon enuff.
  3. Mines' the chemical test drip type. Bt, is those test strips.. are they accurate?
  4. hmm.. just checked... the kit is abt 5mths expired...
  5. The reading was quite shocking at 100. No idea too man, Beats me. By the way, do the growth of coraline reduce NO3 to a certain extend too?
  6. Hi bros/sis, Is it possible for a tank to have an off the chart reading of NO3 in a fishless tank filled only with live rocks and LPS? No feeding was done for the past 2 mths. Corals like torches, pratas, stars, yumas, mushies and lobos all opening up nicely. COuld it be the test kit? Using tetra NO3. Kinda confused by it. Filter wool changed every 1 week with a 20L water change.
  7. Longer and longer... hmm On the bright side... Maybe they are just happy to see you.
  8. Looks great after the rescape. Good job man! Loved the look of the zoos shelf. WOW! Good way to display yur zoos. NiCE!
  9. Just came back from reborn. Quite a number of blue throat triggers. Abt 8-9 i believe. Male and female. Alot of Nigger tiggers too and SOldierfishes (cute). Coral side... Many variety of mushrooms. Red blue green striped... Huge luminous green hairy mushrooms... are the main 'attraction' la.
  10. Very beautiful tank. Great looking fishes too.. Feel abit sorry for the indian sailfin... haha Didnt know Maroon clowns are THAT fierce...
  11. I have to go with blenny Iggy's at regent. FANTASTIC! They serve fine french cuisine. And u can have a different glass of wine to compliment each course. Man.. was there once, unforgetable. Must try their foie gras brulee. Dont know if they still have that... but i'm such they'll be more then happy to arrange it for u. Also do call them in advance. Ig does great arrangements for special occasions...
  12. Nice small tank! Go for an upgrade la.. haha looks alittle cramp. Now that u ord and looking for job... should be earning more liao.
  13. Bro dont worry. I kanna the same thing too. Heres wat i did. Get a QT. Get all fishes out and into the QT. DOse medication in QT. Leave tank fishless. COming to 2 mths liao... cannot TAHAN ANYMORE!!!! So these few weeks me have been upgrading my systems, corals and did bought new fishes but place them in QT too. Hard lesson i've learnt. All fishes must be QT for min. 2-3 weeks no matter how healthy they look when u bought them... Be safe then sorry bro.
  14. Any updates on stocks in the east side?
  15. Woah... Eh stuff from him ah.. then u no need my frags liao.. HAHA!
  16. The fish looked like its been dead for sometime leh... cloudy eyes and stuff... But dont really think the clam can close so fast leh.
  17. Been playin with it for awhile. Feels like a special FBI agent everytime. haha! I agree its not updated. But i can see my airbase with quite abit of clarity...
  18. Still have atlantic blue tangs? Can PM me the prices and size?
  19. LAY LONG AH!!! LAY LONG AH>>>>!!!! Nice fresh Live rocks ah... get them while still fresh and...erm... alive ah!!!!
  20. Men are like wines... the older they get the better they are... And women... well age like grapes...
  21. For the copper band. i have a way, if u r really desperate... Buy a small cheap anemone and place it into yur tank. This should encourage it to start pecking at it... It'll kill it eventually but probably by that time u'll start it off with other foods. Dont flame me... it works for some. Taught to me by a friend.
  22. Very nice collection of tangs BRO! I have a question. Maybe u can help me out. Thinkin of getting a powder black and a purple tang. But my Powder blue and yellow tang already in my QT. Prefer to QT my fishes leh... wat to do?
  23. Looking for purple tangs abt 2-3" and plating montis. Can inform when any is sighted? Thanks.
  24. Woah... which shop u get it from? Can share share? I want also.
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