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  1. Assortment of coral skeleton and live rock (cleaned and brushed) - Every 5 big pieces at $1, small pieces FOC (SOLD)
  2. Sand 15kg/30.8lbs (pail included)- $15(SOLD)
  3. Yellow Tang 4" - $30(Sold) Pacific Blue Tang 3.5" - $20(Sold)
  4. Japanese Swallowtail Angel (Male) 5" - $35 (Sold)
  5. 250W electronic ballast - $10 (SOLD) Japanese Swallowtail Angel (Male) 5" - $35 (Reserved for Sol)
  6. Equipment and Misc (Price can be negotiated) Sand 15kg/30.8lbs (pail included)- $15 Coralife deep six hydrometer - $1 Assortment of coral skeleton and live rock (cleaned and brushed) - Every 5 big pieces at $1, small pieces FOC 250W electronic ballast - $10 Miniflotor air driven skimmer rated for 200L - $20 Fishes Yellow Tang 4" - $30 Japanese Swallowtail Angel (Male) 5" - $35 Pacific Blue Tang 3.5" - $20 All fishes are healthy n feed anything that you throw in. Been with me for years. Note: YT dorsal fin slight tear but no sign of stress for months. Best to view before buying. If you need photo, whatsapp me via 9 eight 342 four 78. Location: Jurong west
  7. Bro if u looking for quality scrubber but don't mind the shipping charges, I would recommend you Floyd r turbo led scrubber. Well build and proven to work. His website: https://www.turbosaquatics.com/
  8. Based on the algae photo, your tank have high nutrient. It will take a couple of week for the nutrient to reduce n when u see green algae growing n less black sludge, it's maturing n I advise you to increase your flow if possible or increase light period until u notice yellow algae(indication for less nutrient, too much light) there fore reduce your light period till the yellow algae turns green back. Remember Always clean weekly as stated in algaescrubber.net
  9. I bought some gong gongs from Sheng shiong and dump about half a dozen in my sump, cleans up detritus like magic clean
  10. Algae scrubber is proven to work and imo takes up less space, reduce carbon footprint(I'm using led scrubber), the best part is you do not need to change water too frequently(I change 5% per mth for my 600l tank), regular cleaning n removing algae weekly is much better than cleaning filter sock, skimmer cup, change po4 and carbon when exhausted. save money in the long run.
  11. If u want to know more about algae scrubber, u could take a look at this website http://www.algaescrubber.net Lots of DIY design n and there are resellers who sell quality made scrubbers. I bought mine from Floyd R Turbo. He is selling the L2,L3 and L4 LED scrubber. Price are reasonable as it is well made and proven to work great. More on his product at https://www.turbosaquatics.com/
  12. regarding the ATS, i've own none yet. to what i've learnt frm sm, it's best to get multiple SM100 for your tank size as well as ur nutrient level. if u wan to custom, u need to consider the size of ur current sump as well as the water flow(pump)....Dr Evil did some ats for some reefers...you could ask for some advice from him as well...btw u wanna go fully ats or with skimmer as well?

  13. Hi bro, I'm interested to have a ATS, read ur post and see ur set up, very impressive with the works of de lighting, may i know how much u paidnfor everything? my tank size is 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft, still have no clue about how big of the canvas she I use? Coz SM said size doesn't matter, and SM100 can handle 10 cubes of food per day. Confuse.. Ur advice is very much appreciated!

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