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  1. From your picture, the vibration might be connected by the PVC pipes? Have your tried to hold the PVC tight with you hands?
  2. Ahsiang's Uruguay vs Korea Republic Uruguay- 1:1 USA vs Ghana 1:0 Mit's (no worries but thanks for always consolidating!) Uruguay vs Korea Republic 2:1 USA vs Ghana 1:0 Eniram's Uruguay vs Korea Republic 2:1 USA vs Ghana 2:1 Mossrope's Uruguay vs Korea Republic 1:2 USA vs Ghana 3:1 Goondoo's Uruguay vs Korea Republic 2:0 USA vs Ghana 2:0
  3. There is usually some braces. Anyway, I do not think its possible to move the pump..... Let's think harder.... having some liquid below might be able to damp the vibrations... any ideas?
  4. After the lights off for about 2 hrs, I went hunting again with my torch. I noticed many tiny white spots on the glass wall. They are so tiny I couldn't made up how they look like. Their actions are like "jumping" on the glass, swim out, swim back to the glass again..... jump around.... Are these pods?
  5. Make no sense. Mine is not against the wall and have 3 pumps running in the sump. I suspect the "base" of your cabinet is hollow, which is amplifying the sound. Edit: I just realized you pump is humongous.... lol.... is it heavy?
  6. BFG had got me thinking. You mean you do not have a foam under your sump tank? Or I am the only one to put a foam under sump tank?
  7. Its been a pleasure to meet everyone! Thanks for the initiative, Jacky!
  8. Goondoo Brazil vs Portugal 1-1 Ivory Coast vs North Korea 4-1 Spain vs Chile 1-0 Switzerland vs Honduras 2-0
  9. Thanks poomoon, It is really sad human indeed defies the nature order. Anyway, I went Redang recently with my family and we went snorkeling. Laguna shipped us to different locations of the island and tourists were encourage to buy bread from them to feed the fishes (I am guilty of this but I koped from breakfast ). There are indeed a lot of fishes everywhere and the "life guards" even dived down to feed the Anemone with bread. It is obvious there were lots of corals especially SPS, but what I witness is pure white scape of dead corals. The ignorant tourists were even complementing how pretty it was....... The next day, we decided to explore the island ourself. We rented a kayak and scuba around. We witness healthy corals in places that tourist do not visit.
  10. I don't know what give you guys the impression and food are easy to find in the wild. From my personal observation, food are never easy to find in the wild. Even during seasons when there are (such as breeding season), their predator will be lurking around. You would understand if you are a seasoned diver. Just look at places that allow feeding of fishes, the water are always infested with algae and most corals struggling, bleached or dead. There are a balance in Mother Nature to keep everything in a correct proportion and food/water is always the biggest challenge and many lost their life to satisfy this equation.
  11. Just get those cheap one lo..... you know those put inside OHF?
  12. No lar, those stiffer filters use to put inside filters.
  13. Have you tried those coarse filter yet?
  14. Interesting, I always thought the middle piece should be filled with water..... lol.... Thanks for sharing!
  15. Yeah, for those buying live prawn as bait especially.
  16. Most shops selling fishing stuff would have them. Don't most LFS carry them too?
  17. Goondoo's Italy vs Slovakia 1-0 Paraguay vs New Zealand 1-0 Denmark vs Japan 1-0 Netherlands vs Cameroon 1-1
  18. England vs Slovenia 1-0 USA vs Algeria 2-0 Germany vs Ghana 2-0 Serbia vs Australia 2-0
  19. The kH test did last night scored a 6 so I added a tea spoon of baking soda. First time testing my Cal this morning using the newly bought Red Sea kit and it scored and astonishing 500. pH was ranging from 8.3-8.6 during different hours using the pH monitor from bro stevenkoh's recent BO. Is this bad? I was using NSW and added RedSea Coral Pro salt to increase the salinity previously. Salinity is between 1.019-1.025 using 2 different hygrometer.
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