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  1. not re-appear lah.. just decided to *appear*... kopi-session ah....when i pass by clementi then u make me a good cuppa lor
  2. Got mobilised by the Justice League, so here i am.... Justice..................batman style................ is back
  3. no lah..he got another classic skill he learn from his police inspector in FIGHT BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES 夺命剪刀脚
  4. while some of us here have 香港脚 there is another skill called 天蚕脚
  5. still got this one leh..how can forget him??? 醉拳
  6. wah liew...all your kung-fus too fanciful and colourful lah... go back to the basics lah.... why must make till so colourful, if only everything black and white then no problems liao this one best... 太极拳
  7. some skirmishes in here lately but not to the stage of total anarchy yet anyway, you guys know how to activate me but hor...Batman has no advice left to dish out and no new equipment to show.....nothing to post liao....for now Batman shall only roam in KOPITIAM....till I get keys to the new Wayne Mansion, new tank and then maybe got new advice and new equipment to share here Dinner time....perhaps I am lesser of a BATMAN and more of a FATMAN now..hahaha
  8. been busy....been busy.... but that doesn't mean that I have stopped monitoring meanwhile, you all are in good hands with ..............
  9. yo BFG, yeah those were the days man....burning the blue nitromethane that the cars ran on.....I too had a 1/8 Picco but it was insanely fast as you said....just feel shiok hearing the pitch of the engine as it spun up into the higher gear.... but became more boring after a while as it was not as nimble as the 1/10 counterparts on tight and twisty circuits. Most of the cars I sold already...but i still had hell of a lot of spares like springs, gears, nuts and so on around chucked away somewhere.... Kept only some of the nice bodyshells I bought just in case I wanted to make a comeback as well as the electric F1s. I also remember using the Futaba digital controllers, quite cool...can make digital adjustments to the steering and braking so on..hehe better not type anymore otherwise I get back into the hobby and make my lady cross again...hahaha
  10. time flies man..that time 5-6 years ago, all i wanted was a trueno to drive to campus... but only had an old SBJ corolla to make do... now thinking back and seeing some wannabes on the roads, pasting the same words on Levins....I realised I have moved on have fun in your RC hobby guys......
  11. u can even go into F1 electric if you want.... those days it was mika vs schumacher here's my McLaren....too pretty to place it down on the roads/tracks to play I think I also did a Ferrari F2000 or F2001 stacked somewhere in the storeroom anyway, here's one of the sites i remembered...the rest forgot liao... http://www.nitrorc.com
  12. different compound tires for different track conditions? sounds serious hor... but be prepared, it's another money draining hobby..and another one to keep your lady bored while you play. so i did what i could do best at that time... let her play one of the cars also but be prepared to do more repairs on that one
  13. used to be into RC cars in my student days.... started electric at first and then got frustrated with bringing so many batteries and ending my runs after the batteries go flat.....nitro versions can just keep going with small intervals to let the engines rest and cool abit...hehe that time i was using Kyosho V-oneS, V-oneRR and Tamiya TG10R check out one of my frequently used RC bodies if u saw me at fort road carpark at nights and some early mornings about 5-6 years ago with this trueno86....the person was me
  14. Do note also that Weileong's MX70 used 172W through one injector whereas my MX100 used 228W through 2 injectors. Using 2 injectors would allow more water flow and thus wattage goes up as well, I won't be surprised if the mx100 through one single injector would be below 200W as well because a single bottleneck would restrict more flow and as flow goes down, wattage goes down as well. So although using the same pump on dual injectors will use up more wattage due to overall more water flow thru both injectors, you would also be getting more air sucked into your skimmer as well, which ain't a bad thing. At the end of the day, the higher the wattage drawn from the iwaki, it means more water is flowing through the injectors and more air is sucked into the skimmer
  15. Actually maybe even 1.5inch gate valve will do for you lah....well, at least I think 1.5inch gate valve should be able to handle your option of a 1 x MX100 easily. Just get the MX100 lor....run single or dual with it doesn't affect wattage too much. 1 MX100 - 240W max 1 MX70- 250W max 2 x MD55 - 260W max together easy choice right? Just that 2x MD55 gives you the freedom to disconnect and service one link while the other link is still in use...but of coz you need suitable valves at the correct places to enable you to do that
  16. tell your skimmer maker to put 2 valves in your skimmer...or use a giant one....if kiasu use 2inch gate valve lor ....then your bottom box will be big...but got advantage...you will significantly reduce any possibility of microbubbles back to your system as the microbubbles discharging into the chamber has time to rise into the chamber before being exiting the skimmer. always plan for extra capacity so that you can push more water through the skimmer if you want to...you shouldn't be limited by the limitations of the skimmer design itself just imagine, using a larger gate valve can let u choose to use md55, mx70, mx100 and so on....u can still use md55 and when u want to, change to bigger pump and use the same skimmer. whereas using a smaller gate valve RESTRICTS you to smaller pumps and when u want to change a bigger pump, you end up changing skimmer AGAIN. get the picture? Why should u let a measly gate valve restrict your choices of pumps or even worry about flooding
  17. Due to many variations, your mx100 may run at a different wattage than mine...but I clamped my mx100 on dual injectors before and they were drawing about 228W.
  18. Iwaki MX70 Capacity : 5400 L/hour Power : 250 Watt Max Head : 7.8 Meter Iwaki MX100 Capacity : 6600 L/hour Power : 240 Watt Max Head : 9 Meter from Sugi's previous thread http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...topic=22832&hl= It is not a mistake.....the MX100 draws 240W and the MX70 draws 250W see the sticker on my MX100
  19. If the gate valve is big enough or have 2 gate valves in the skimmer, flooding never happens one lah.... but for your chamber size, 1 mx100 should be enough to fill it up with bubbles nicely so my vote goes to 1 x mx100 for you
  20. Best combo you did not list. 2 x mx100 (one for each injector) but from what you have listed, my choice would be 1 x mx100 for dual
  21. Hi married bros here... Just wonder what is the *norm* for bride price as well as chinese wedding dinner....guys pay the full chinese wedding or just give a few tables to the bride? Please share your experience
  22. Steady liao lah.... with this, I see the rise of the SE bulbs again
  23. Dun gei gei lah bro... I know u waiting liao..... so for those who can DIY it, weileong will be your first customer *sabo-mode-ON* hahahah Paiseh..these few days in racing mode.....Batman is OUT, Takumi is IN
  24. That's what I want to hear.... Cheaper Arcs for everyone Must wait for the real McCoys to arrive from the states for you to measure but if i am not wrong, some are already in Singapore
  25. For USD17...cannot complain much liao.... So we shall see if HorizonVentures or Dr Evil comes out with it first..... The race is on And then we will see another TREND of switching back to SE bulbs again *yawn*
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