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  1. The red zoo, mushroom n yuma is doing fine. The hammer was in pristine condition n has branch to 7 head from head but it sadly dies off 1 mth ago due to my neglience cause I did not hv time to take care of it, like my forthnighly water change cause I hv a newborn to take care of.
  2. Interested in ur Eheim pump, Is it use as a return pump n how long is it already
  3. How does it look like, think of getting one, mine is quite dirty. I bought a yellow diamond goby which is not doing anything. Mine is like this one
  4. Very nice one u hv there, guess u got urs from iwarna
  5. The fishes were all very fat after the feast cause this time quite a lot. This pic show the prawn clearing the remaining frys or egg that is the left over by picking them out n eat it.
  6. FINALLY, I get to capture the pics when my cleaner shrimp spawn. This is the 7th or 8th time, lost count of it. Here is the moments ........
  7. very nice torch u had there bro, too bad nothing that I can offer for trade
  8. Yup, 1 split into 2 for 2 of the head. There is a small one that come with 2 head n 1 of the head was dead within 2 days, but now the remaining head has also split 2 too.
  9. Yeap, did that by shifting the yuma away by 1 cm n make sure the wavemaker is on, the hammer is growing from 4 head to 6 head now, headache now
  10. Guess is luck or the packaging part at the LFS, it happen to me b4 looks great but within 2 days gone. Bought another one n it is still surving n has grown extra head now within 3 mths
  11. Very discipline reefer here, got good self control
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