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  1. Is MP60 availlable?? and how much for MP60?? thanks
  2. May i know how much the price for NPBIOPELLETS?? Or some one can PM me?? Thanks
  3. Bro...your aquatronica is stil available or not?? Thx
  4. Bro...your aquatronica is stil available or not?? Thx
  5. Hiii.....How about the price and the condition your black galaxy??? Thx
  6. im looking four big size CLARION angel at LCK 201. But the price is very alamak.....
  7. Bro FuEl....can they eat clams like cleaner shrimp?? Because my cleaner shrimp always eat my clams. thx
  8. What is this??? red slim algae attack??? Have solutions?? Regrads Benny
  9. Some new fish is just adding too.. 1 pair black and white ocelaris 1 yellow tang 1 blue tang (dori) 1 mandarin dragonet 1 yellow gobies 1 geometric hawkfish 1 dragon pipe face 1 ghost pipe fish All of fish is small size (about 1-2 inch) excepy yellow and dragon pipe. yellow is 2.5 inch and pipe fish is 8cm long. Is it bioload??
  10. And the others coral Duncan coral Elegant coral
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