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  1. IMG_9339.mov First Batch Biota YT - stable and with me almost 3 years $500 Mystery Wrasse stable, with me 2 years $150 Mushroom Rock (Red Mushroom, Interstellar and Yellow Elephant Ear) - $80 Decom my Macro Algae Tank due to chiller down. GSP and Zoa photo is not fully extended. IMG_9343.mov GSP Caribsea arch rock (about 20cm) with some red mushroom and BTA - $80 (can spare some common Zoa and 2 connected side rocks f you want) sunflower small colonies - $40
  2. Tank - $800 Custom built by the Reefer 75cm x 60cm x 30cm Aluminium stand, external overflow 2ft ATI 8 bulb fixture - $100 (2 Actinic, 2 Coral Plus, 4 Blue Plus) Slight dent on the fixture frame, but still fully functional, used for 2 years Orphek OR3 Blue Plus Bars - $130 each Have 2 sets, used for less than 3 months Maxspect XF 330 Gyre (2 wavemakers and the controller) - $350 Used for 1 year, cleaned up and still operates at full power Kamoer One ATO - $40 Used for less than 1 month, still in good condition, have the box if required Skimz SM147 Skimmer - $200 Used for less than 2 weeks, in great condition, have the box if required Skimz QP9.0 Pump - $130 Used for 3 months, in great condition Hailea HS28A Chiller - $260 Used for less than 2 months Apex Controller - $800 Used for 1 year, have 2 power bricks, all probes included but pH probe is a little wonky, otherwise, all working fine Can include a magnetic probe holder and a display extension FOC Apex DOS Dosers - $320 each Used for 1 year, have 2 sets, all working fine Apex Trident - $950 Brand new and sealed, bought 5 months ago, decided to wait to set up but never did Phosban 150 Reactors - $70 each Have 2 pieces, brand new, never used before Maxspect Ceramic Bio Plate - $12 each Have 10 pieces, cycled with Microbacter StartXLM Maxspect Ceramic Bio Balls- $15/kg Have 4kg, cycled with Microbacter StartXLM Filter Sock Holder Bubble Magus - $5 Used for less than a week, no scratches/chips (4 inch) N52 Ocean Wonders Frag Rack - $30 each Have 4 sets, used for 2 months, all clean, brand new is $70+
  3. Artificial rockscape with around 5 rbta and many small frags. Letting go for $200, please arrange own mover.
  4. My anemones got stuck into my wavemaker overnight and made my tank full of toxic. This made most of my fishes dead when I saw the tank in the morning. Such a devastating day for me! Got up and started to make my tank again and right now its still without any fishes..
  5. - Selling as a set or individually. - Whole -Selling as a set @ $600 or individually. Prices below. Open to negotiation - Made by CRA Aquarium - You’ll need to get own movers to dismantle piping, move and install for you at your own cost. 1 . Tank 1 : size : L 42" x W30" x H18" -12mm glass (Braceless ) with front and left Crystal glass -Black silicone / Black oyama at back -Bean animal overflow on right ( 3 holes ) 2 . Top electrical cabinet L10" x W36" x H18" - With door and lamination 3 . Tank 2 : Size : L20" x W20" x H 18" - 10mm glass ( Braceless ) with bean animal overflow - With back wood panel to clip light 4 . Base cabinet : L81" x W36" x H 343⁄4” - Construct with 3”x2” solid Kapo wood structure - with front and right side doors (electrical compt. On right ) - color : Body : 23E67 Congo Teak - Doors : 23U37 Trinity Wood L No sump Item 1&2: $300 Item 3: $150 Item 4: $300 (need to sell 1-3 first) Items1-4 as a set: $600 Text me at 81117171 to arrange viewing at Depot Rd.
  6. Pumps 1. fluval sp4 (7500lph): $120 (without base) 2. Eheim 1262: $120 3. Eheim 1260: $100 4. Eheim 1250: $80 5. Pump to hose fittings: $3 per pc Accessories Par38 customised LEDs: $30 per pc (colours as indicated) Ceiling mounting rails: $30 Led bar: $150 for 2 pcs Par gooseneck: $30 Co2 cylinder with filled co2 (steel): $60 Co2 cylinder (aluminum): $80 Intense solenoid: $70 Nsta ph controller (new): $80 FR (twist & turn type) with feeding pump; easy to change media: $30 Battery operated fish feeder (new): $10 2 little fishes kalkwasser reactor: $20 Tunze power magnet cleaner: $20 Acrylic corner frag station: $10 Acrylic side frag station: $20 Frag plugs (assortments) : $30 whole lot Frag station: $10 Coral cutter: $15 per pc Sock holder & socks (2 x nylon & 3 x pp): $40 Small Filter bags: $5 Dosing hose holder: $5 Float switch: $5 Potassium chloride: $5 Eheim quick release: $15 per pc Fritz probiotic salt: $140 for 2 tubs collection at Depot Rd. PM me to deal.
  7. Selling the following items: Livestock - 1 x snowflake clownfish ($50) - 1 x blue hippo tang ($30) - 1 x potter's angel ($40) - 1 x fire urchin (to be given away to those who buy) Equipment - 1 x hailea chiller HS90-A ($250) (not used much) - 2 x AI-Hydra 52 HD white ($1000 for 2) - 1 x maxspect gyre 250 ($100) - 1 x gyre (similar to maxspect, forgot the brand) ($30) Tank ($300) - 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 feet - teak wood cabinet - sump and pipings included! Reason for decomm: going overseas for a long time :( PM me for contact/details! Thanks! Note: all fishes have been with me for 2-3 years, equipment about 2 years. Most items bought secondhand.
  8. Want to sale some leftover from last decom sale. 1) ZeRo RO/DI 5 steps with free extra 2 sets of cartridges (see below) S$150 Free Cartridges (2 sets) 2) SKIMZ Our Reef marine Salt 20KG (Brand New) Orig Price = S$82 each Selling for S$50 each 3) 214 Liters Water Storage Drum (Bought in Madpetz) = S$60 https://madpetzonline.com/collections/frontpage/products/water-storage-drum?variant=46762469779
  9. Hello im selling all this live rocks at $100. Nice design when put into tank 3 big pieces and 1 big pail of medium small rocks Jus decom only. Collection at yishun now
  10. Hi all, updated status of the balance decom items: 1. ATI sunpower 8x54 - $250, pending collection today 2. Eheim 1250 - $70 3. 2× Aquabee 2000 - $80 each. Take both for $150 4. Kamoer dosing pump 3 channel non wifi - $120 5. Maxspect gyre 150 - $150 6. Biopellet reactor - $30 7. Deltec ap701 external skimmer - $200 8. 2x54 T5 retrofit (reflector clip is broken) with 2 giesmann true actinic tubes - $40 Viewing/collection at compassvale st, sengkang. Can whatsapp or sms me at 91856098. Gum xia many many.
  11. I Decom my 5x2.5x2.5 tank i've listed all my equips for sale below. 1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod. Price 400 SGD Comes with Original Box and packaging. Free extra LED for Modding. 2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . Price 350 SGD 3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD 4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) . Price 80 SGD 5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price 80 SGD 6. Misc Stuff 6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= 5 SGD 6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = 10 SGD 6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6e. Reef Roids (Full) = 15 SGD 6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD 6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD 6h. Skimz Socks holder = 5 SGD 6i. Refractometer = 10 SGD 6j. TDS Meter = 10 SGD Tank is 5x2.5x2.5 Feet with 12mm glasspanel and euro bracing. Overflow to the sump tank is at the corner. If anyone is interested please whatsapp me for further info. Also have a couple of dry rocks bleach and sun dried and a couple of pounds of sand which ill be posting it soon after i took some photos. If interested please whatsapp me @ 85223044.
  12. I'm decommissioning my 5 foot marine tank and im selling all my livestock first. Sorry for low quality photo and the dirty glass been too busy this days. Note: All my fish here have been with me since the very beginning i started my tank which is about 3 years. FISH 1. Blue Tang Big (about 5-6 inches) = S$50 2. Blue Tang Medium (about 4 Inches) S$35 3. Bignose Unicorn Tang S$50 4. Niger Trigger Very friendly and non aggressive. S$60 5. Sailfin Tang S$40 6. Tomato Clown Fish (Pair and spawning). I lost the RBTA they are hosting over the x-mas holiday when we are on travel. S$60 Female Male (Guarding the Eggs) 7. 2 Yellow Tangs S$50 each or S$90 Pair 8. Foxtail S$30 9. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$10 CORALS 1. Soft Coral (forgot the name) size of my hand open. S$30 2. Pulsing Xenia 1 = S$30 3. Pulsing Xenia 2 S$15 4. Leather 1 S$10 5. Leather 2 S$15 If interested please refer below for more info WhatsApp : 85223044 Pick up Timing : Weekdays = 8-11PM Weekends = anytime Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School) All livestock are still in the tank. Equipment sale to follow after all livestocks are sold. Thanks for the Support. -Richard
  13. After just 4 yrs, my tank cracked last week and water leaked all over the house. So after this traumatic experience, have decided to decomm the tank and take a break from this hobby. Have some equipments to let go so if anyone that is keen please feel free to PM me. No low ballers please do your research for the market price first! All equipment working well, washed and cleaned. Pick up at Punggol - cash and carry - AI Hydra 52 LED ($350 X 1) or ($650 X 2 + Free controller) Bought Dec 2013. - Ehiem 1264 Main Pump ($80, the casing has cracked but still working fine not for the fussy) - Biopellet Reactor with pump ($50) - Ehiem 1260 Chiller Pump ($100) - Artica Chiller 1/4. Used for 8 years very good working condition. Serviced yearly. (Chiller alone $250 or Chiller + Ehiem1260 Pump $330)
  14. Hi Reefers, Already decommissioned my tank thus selling off all remaining equipment. Price nego but no trades. 1. 22" RM fluidised reactor (FR) with Eheim Compact 600 pump - $70 (Does not come with Rowaphos or hoses to connect the pump and FR) 2. 22" RM Denitrator - $90 Good condition. No leaks and can be used inside or outside sump. Item does not come with any media. (Comes with Maxijet 1200 powerhead for recirculation) 3. Seio M820 Wavemaker - $15 Complete with box and accessories. 4. Seio M820 Wavemaker - $12 Does not come with box and rubber suckers. All available accessories for this wavemaker shown in picture. 5. Maxi-jet MP1200 Powerhead - $10 Does not come with box. Note that this item has a broken clip that attaches the filter to the directional head. Good for mixing your salt mix. 6. Sure-Grip magnet holder - $20 1 and a half sets of Sure-Grip Magnetic Power Head Holder (3x magnets). Comes with box and all original attachments for all types of powerheads. Feel free to PM me for more pictures or if you have any further questions. Collection can be arranged at Bukit Panjang in the evenings or on weekends or Raffles Place MRT (for small items only) on weekdays. Thanks for viewing! TntR2
  15. Decom my full SPS tank due to moving house, will restart once settle down. Live stock go first, equipment 2nd. Address: AMK st 31, 560319 SPS Colony - $ 50 -180 Purple Staghorn Purple Tort Blue staghorn Lumi Yellow Staghorn Rainbow styloo Loripies Purple Bonzai Indo SSC Rose mili Purple dragon Blue digi captitata Echinata Fiji Staghorn - Purple Fiji Staghorn - Yellow Light blue/green staghorn OZ blue sky staghorn Fiji purple pocci Fiji Lemon Green pocci yellow Acro Santosa Monti - meteor shower x 2 versions 20k Lokani Calalinitana (correct my spelling) others no ID Frag also available by cutting on spot or sharing with others, $10-25 LPS: Zoas frags - LA laker, bambam, rasta, fruitloops, blue barry..... but small polyp due to Zeovit system, so prefer to sell all at $100 with more than 10 frags OZ rainbow Acan - my favorite! Charlice colony - $50 Thanks
  16. Used daikin compressor 2hp for sale used to chill 2 tank one 4ft n 6ft tank...in perfect working condition. ..helping my friend to sell....pls pm me for his number...need to remove by this weekend..pls engage derek to dismental...selling for $700
  17. Hi All, Time to Decom cos moving! Please bring own bags/pails to collect. All price neg. Livestock must be cleared first before tank. Collection at Telok Kurau. Tankset: ($350) 2ft x 2ft x 2ft 100mm with full eurobracing tank Sump tank Cabinet + Hood Condition 8.5/10 Equipments: Deltec AP600 Skimmer ($150) Deltec 501 Calcium Reactor PF509 + 60% Rowalith C+ ($200) 2 x Tunze Nanostream Wavemakers Solite 1x150watt MH (Pheonix 12k Bulb), 2 x 24watt ($80) Hailea 300A Chiller ($150) Atman Return pump (FOC with Tankset) Chiller pump (FOC with Chiller) 2 x CO2 Tank (One big, one small) Livestock (Fish/Inverts): 1 x Clown Tang (Greedy pellets eater, kept for close to 4 years!) Not to be missed! ($50) 1 x Purple Tang (Greedy pellets eater, kept for close to 4 years!) ($70) 1 x Algae Blenny (Greedy pellets eater, kept for close to 4 years!) ($10) 1 x Common Clown (2 years) ($2) 1 x Moroon Clown (1.5 years) ($3) 1 x Tomato Clown (1 year) ($2) 1 x Strawberry Crab (2.5 years) ($20) 2 x Purple Lobster (3 years) ($7 Each) 1 x Sea Cuke Small 5-8cm (3 years) ($5) Livestock (Corals): 1 x RBTA big ($50) 1 x RBTA small ($35) 1 x Pink Sand Anemone ($15) 3 x Mini Carpet Anemone ($40 each) 3 x Rocks of Zoas ($50 each) 1 x Red Acan Echinata ($50) 1 x Acan ($10) 2 x Green mushroom with orange spots. ($10 pair) 1 x Mini Plate, 4 inch size ($20) 5 year old Liverocks @ 5/kg (Estminated 50kg)
  18. 1. Tank 2 x 2 x 1.8 feet with hood. 3 side crystal glass. Sump has two branch piping. laminate is intact. Quiet DIY standpipe $350. (Please arrange your mover) 2. DE T5 (2 tubes) 2 feet lights (2 sets) Light tubes are 3 months old. $80 per set. 3. MH 250W Light set Bulb: Radium 20k (5 months old) Ballast: dimmable e-ballast from aquamarin (bought in Dec14, still in warranty) Diamond reflector Black aluminum light rack for 2 feet cube hood $300 4. Hailea HS 66A (1/4HP) Chiller Used it for 1 year 4 months $250 5. A few pieces of big rocks (about 10kg) $20. Interested please pm.
  19. Guys, I hv above to clear at $320, very good condition n still look like new of 1.5-2 yrs old. Sms 96493294 Collect at blk306b punggol place s822306
  20. Guys, Still hv a new QT to sell, size 80cm x 27cm x 50cm height, thickness 6mm. Sell at $60. Bottom Hole drilled. Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 Hp 964932964
  21. Hi Guys, I sadly need to let go my above LPS tank, all LPS collections are my years of hard work, so I will only let them go after my tank and equipments has new owner, the tank is about 4 years old with crystal glass in front, there are some hair scratches, all equipments just goes cheap at $1500 NETT, buyer must take all inclubing the tankset. For serious buyer only, welcome to view and discuss. I will list out all the equipments once I'm free. here are some pic to view first.
  22. Guys, Just took out my pellets reactor from the sump, wif me about a yr, cones wif balance pellets already dried up n a small bag of resin unopen. Selling at $120. Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 96493294
  23. Guys, Bought from a reefer last yr but not suitable for my 6ft tank so sell it at cost which already discounted for me. Clearing now at $200. Collection: Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 96493294
  24. Guys, As decom from my 6ft tank so here to let go cheap at $120 wif a FIP valve. Pump still in good condition. Collection: Blk306b Punggol Place S822306 96493294
  25. Guys, I'm let go all my fishes from my 6ft, all very stable n healthy, here they are: 1. Yellow Shoulder Tang 5" @ $30 2. Clown Trigger 4" @ $45 (from baby till now, reef-safe in my tank, can view yourself) 3. A pair of watanabe Angel, male 4", female 3-3.5", both @ $120 4. A pair of Saddle Black Clownfish, 5" and 4", both @ $30 5. Miss-bar Clownfish, 1.5" @ $50 6. Power Blue Tang 4" @ $45 7. Clown Tang 4.5-5" @ 45 8. Bellus Angel 4" male @ $50 9. Foxface Tang 3" @ $5 10. Niger Trigger 1.5" @ $5 11. Leopard Wrasse 3" @ $65 12. Yellow Wrasse 2.5" @ $5 13. Coris Wrasse 3" @ $5 Collect from Punggol by these two weeks if I catch. Price firmed unless cheap fishes. Pls sms me @ 96493294 (no whatsapp as my hp sent for repair)
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