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Found 9 results

  1. does anyone know where to get small nano gobies like trimma, green band, jaguar gobies? I am also looking for pygmy and radial filefish thank you!
  2. Has anyone seen dwarf gobies besides clown gobies before. I have always found them beautiful and they have practically zero bioload bcs of their size. I am planning to keep a school of them in my 20 gallons. I know it may be abit small but as i have found, they have very little bioload i cant seem to put a pic of a trimma goby here so...
  3. Citron clown goby (https://m.liveaquaria.com/product/161/?pcatid=161) for sale at $10. Can’t rem how much I bought it for tbh. Been with me for over 4 mths now, healthy and feeding. NOT ACROPORA SAFE!! PM if keen
  4. Our shipment from Sulawesi has came, do come down to Iwarna to look around! Strawberry hermit crab (Coenobita perlatus) Orange and yellow rabbit snails (Tylomelania zemis) Horned nerite snails (Clithon corona) Red line shrimp (Caridina Striata) Tigri shrimp (Caridina tigri) White spot shrimp (Caridina Dennerli) Celebes beauty shrimp (Caridina spongicola) Celebes rice fish (Oryzias celebensis) Celebes yellow goby (Mugilogobius rexi) Panther crab (Parathelphusa pantherina) Purple matano crab (Syntripsa matannensis) Tiger moray eel (Gymnothorax polyuranodon)
  5. Hello All! Giving away yellow goby (1 inch) , pyjama cardinal (2 inch) and chaeto (tennis ball size). Apologies if the photos are not clear. Can reach me at 8threethree2five7three5. Collection at 805918. Thanks!
  6. Selling Healthy Engineering Goby Pair. 20 cm length Each, EEL look. Feeds on pellets and frozen food. Selling as dont have enough sand bed. With me 6 45$- Pair First Come First serve.
  7. Selling Healthy Engineering Goby Pair. 20 cm length Each, EEL look. Feeds on pellets and frozen food. Selling as dont have enough sand bed. With me 6 months. 45$- Pair First Come First serve.
  8. Hi all! looking for a either a pair or single yasha goby! If any reefer want to let go please contact me at 97104907. Thank you!
  9. Hi , I'm giving away this green clown goby. Collection at woodlands Interested drop me a msg 81380138
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