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  1. Leo_ian

    Yasha gobies

    Hi I’m trading my two yasha gobies as they did not pair up. I can trade for a banggai cardinal per fish or a Bali green slimer frag. Or rotifers/phyto. My cultures crashed Other offers accepted pm me on telegram @L_eo_13 as I’m not very active here
  2. majanos are good too!
  3. i will be doing a jar reef for myself with aptasia, asterina stars, marco algae and gorilla crab. anyone willing to donate pm me on telegram @L_eo_13 pls meetups can be discussed
  4. no seahorses in frag tanks, most corals will sting them
  5. does anyone know where to get small nano gobies like trimma, green band, jaguar gobies? I am also looking for pygmy and radial filefish thank you!
  6. if anyone could tell me price it would be good too! you can pm me on telegram @L_eo_13
  7. Has anyone seen dwarf gobies besides clown gobies before. I have always found them beautiful and they have practically zero bioload bcs of their size. I am planning to keep a school of them in my 20 gallons. I know it may be abit small but as i have found, they have very little bioload i cant seem to put a pic of a trimma goby here so...
  8. Hi guys, I'm redoing my 20G cube and I'm giving away my clownfish pair and my single lone chromis. Pm me on telegram @L_eo_13 if you are interested Willing to trade for frags of easy corals, RFAs and giant clams. The clowns have showed signs of breeding before so would be a good candidate for aquaculture too Thank you!
  9. I'm planning to get a g box from SAS or another small aquarium and I'm planning to get either a firecracker(sorry I can't find the scientific name< but its also called the red splash trimma), trimma cana or a masked(Coryphopterus personatus) goby. The tank is abt 5 gallons. Which do you think would be a better choice and has anyone seen any for sale before. I am also open to looking at other species.
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