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Found 10 results

  1. 1 ) colour is blue not green $20 2 ) Aussie plating 3 ) Pikachu - $50 4 ) Smooth skin sps $20 5 ) tenuis 1 for $25 6 ) valida - $40 7 ) tubbs stellata - $30 8 ) Gonia - $30 9 ) gonia -$20 10 ) iron man blasto should have around 6 to 7 heads - $150 11 ) 2 head Rics - $50 12 ) omega zoa's more then 15 heads - $20 WYSIWYG collection at sengkang Thanks for viewing
  2. HI guys, First time selling things on Pasar Malam so i'm trying an auction because its more fun, WTS: Zoa Frag + Green gonio Frag Starting bid: $10 Minimum increment: $2 Zoa Frag - 6 heads (my fragging skills lousy), Has a red skirt with shiny blue centre. The colour of the centre also varies between shiny orange and green within the same colony. The polyps on the right are young and the left polyp shows the adult size. View pictures for reference. Pictures taken under white and blue LEDs 10 minutes ago with old Nikon DSLR Green Gonio Frag - short polyp green gonio. 1inch by 1inch frag. View pictures for reference. Pictures taken under white and blue LEDs 10 minutes ago with old Nikon DSLR Self collect at Jelapang Road, Bukit Panjang (other details will be Pmed to winning bidder) Pickup date flexible. Bidding will end Tuesday 7th April 2015 2359hrs
  3. 1. Radioactive BN: $15 2. Red Gonio: $50 (the largest frag) 3. Purple zoas: $15 4. Yellow zoas: $25 Collection at Serangoon garden. Interested please PM. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, WTS several piece of Acans, price is ranging from $10 to 50, Torch with 5 heads at $25, Gonio at $30, pls whatsapp me for the pictures, 96382799.
  5. Selling the following two corals. Growing too big for my tank liao so I sort of Frag (read: chop) them into half. Both coral been with me for more than 5 months. WYSIWYG FCFS ah ... Collection at punggol. Interested party please contact me at 86one two seven 1 eight two. Top left is the hammer, top right is the Gonio. (Photo taken with extra white light) 1) Green Gonio.(fully open about 2 inches) $25 brightest green (white or blue light) in my tank and that says a lot given I have no less than 10 green LPS/ SPS... mother looks like this: 2) Metallic Green Hammer (fully open about 2 inches) $25 Also very bright. Love the way its hammer sway with wave. mother looks like this:
  6. A: Orange monti with green polyps at side B: Peach paradise zoas C: Red gonio, yellow centre with blue tips. D: Yellow acro with blue tips. E: red digi with green tips and peach paradise zoas Interested, please whatsapp or sms 94880692. Collect at Serangoon garden.
  7. 1. Red gonio frag, yellow centre with blue tips. $50 2. Clam length is about one palm length. Grow too big for me. $80 Collection at Serangoon garden. Interested please whatsapp or sms 94880692.
  8. I will like to trade some of my corals for frags. I have a green hammer slightly bigger than fist size, 2 gonio. Open for trading.
  9. Anyone reefer know where to buy or where have stocks or who is selling ? Thanks
  10. few coral for sale, viewing and collection at geyland east ave 3 industrial estate from monday-friday 10-6pm only. pls call or sms to : ERIC at 9770 0sixsix0 water and bags provided.priority given for reefer that take more.thanks 1;alvepora coral 3head type sellin $20 2;gonio green bone ard 5cm sellin $20 3;green bubble,doing well pic show becos of a wave maker hittin it...same $20 4;normal clam size aga 5-6cm selling hmm...also $20 lar 5;mohawk zoas whole rock more then 30 polyps selling $30 6;glove polyp forgot to add there is 2 cleaner shirmp for those that buy coral free,FCFS:)
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