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Found 3 results

  1. So here it goes again after a long break from reefing. Stop for awhile in the midst of shifting house and also posted overseas for a few months. Good to be back again! Wanted to get something small for my humble house, was looking at Red Sea Max Nano however ended up with the Reefer 170 which i am glad i did. Going to let the pictures do most of the talking. Day 1 : 1st March 2018
  2. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read through. Whats the Atlantis, Atlantis is what i named my Red Sea Reefer 350. Why name it Atlantis ? Atlantis has always fascinated me. And The Red Sea Reefer being my current dream tank build, the only thing i could think of naming is was The Atlantis. I bought my Reefer 350 second hand from a fellow reefer. The tank was only used for a few months, 5 months to be exact. Well the tank was collected today. And i did the delivery myself. So i guess ill start this thread by writing my experience on how the delivery was done, and what you guys could learn from my mistakes. My friend and i, yes 2 people. We went down to collect the tank, in my van. Lesson no 1, have more help. Despite the tank weighing 64kg, we had issues carrying it. issues faced was lifting the tank up higher due to the piping, instead of sliding it off the cabinet. Second issue faced was loading it into the van. It was an issue because again of the piping we could not slide it in and had to carefully place it. Now my van isnt that big. Its just enough to fit a 4 ft tank. Second issue faced, i decided i did not want to dismantle the cabinet and that we just put it in the van standing. Well it did fit, but due to the size of my van, it was just nice about 5-6 cm away from the door closing in. And the sump tank was just kissing the cabinet. In my opinion, get more people to help. Also have some boxes or cloths to protect the tanks, because when i was driving, there were instances i had to brake hard, and in one of those breaks the sump slide forward and hit the tank. Luckily nothing happened, we stopped over at the patrol pump, got everything placed properly again and put cardboards between them just incase Once the tank was home, it was a breeze to set up. Firstly the previous reefer had already set up the overflow pipes for me. All i had to do was fix the drainage, emergency drainage and return. Now the tank sits, while its Rocks, salts, sands and biomedia come. Also going to do a leak test before filling it up with salt water.
  3. Hi Everyone, During this CB period, thinking / planning of upgrading my existing setup. Been doing some reading & watching videos of red sea reefers series , specifically 170 which is the size i would be comfortable. Even after lot of searching i couldn't find much discussion of the pro & cons of this system. From what i have seen, i could list of a few. All of you may not agree on this , since its all a matter of personal preference. Pros: 1) ultra-clear glass makes the tank look very neat 2) Cabinet looks well made. 3) Down flow plumbing has emergency overflow, avoids flooding Cons: 1) Overflow is located at the center black which takes up space. Specially when its a small 2 ft system, where these isn't a lot of space. It doesn't look very deep in pictures & videos .maybe 2-3 inches only.I have seen some systems where the overflows are at the corner, which does save up some space. 2) Cabinet is laminated plywood & not actual wood, which may have shorter lifespan. I have read of reefers putting sealant between the laminate so that moisture & salt doesn't get in. 3) Down flow has a regulator knob, which i have read is hard to adjust. Unlike Durso overflow system, regulator type system might have possibility of clogging. Hope you can add more pros & cons based of what you have seen or experienced in such systems. Would help me & everyone else greatly in having better understanding. I am just giving my own personal opinion & not trying to promote or criticize our sponsors. Thank you
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