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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read through. Whats the Atlantis, Atlantis is what i named my Red Sea Reefer 350. Why name it Atlantis ? Atlantis has always fascinated me. And The Red Sea Reefer being my current dream tank build, the only thing i could think of naming is was The Atlantis. I bought my Reefer 350 second hand from a fellow reefer. The tank was only used for a few months, 5 months to be exact. Well the tank was collected today. And i did the delivery myself. So i guess ill start this thread by writing my experience on how the delivery was done, and what you guys c
  2. Ah Beng Aquarium carry wide range of red sea product to suits your reefing needs. Below is the list of our catalogue and if you are unable to find what you want, feel free to contact us through our Facebook or Whatsapp. To purchase just follow this 4 Step Method: Step 1: Message us on Facebook / http://m.me/ahbeng.aquarium or Whatsapp 9776 1341 / wa.link/vvfevj the item name with size. (Don't have to be full name) Step 2: We will reply with total price, just Paynow 9838 9776 us and send us the screen shot!. Step 3: Arrange for delivery (Send us your address!) or s
  3. Hi guys! These are about half full! Salt left 10kg. Letting go all at $30 Contact me at 9438two788 Cheers!
  4. Decided to start a new thread as some members started PM me on the things that i have long sold. below are the leftovers from my decomm. I do not have the tank, corals nor livestock anymore. Skimz FR (all 3 at $60)please kindly note that these are the older models with the inlet by the side and not center. Refer to pics. Biggest one $40 Smaller ones $30 each (2 for $50) Eheim 1262 2 years warranty left by madpetz condition is excellent------$150 TDI tester--------------------------------------$10 Refractometer (OEM brand, solid build) -------------$25 ROWA 1000g left 70% ------------
  5. 1. Redsea Max 130 set, plug and play all in one - $200 - tank - hood New, with light bulbs - red sea skimmer - power dock - return pump (1 good, 1 spoiled but can be replaced easily and cheap, or use 1 all good as well ) - metal stand - many spare parts for diy 2. Atman cf1200 canister - 1200l/h - $ 50 3. reef octopus external skimmer - DNW 110 up to 500L- $80 http://www.fishtanksdirect.com/browseproducts/Octopus-DNW-110-Needlewheel-Recirculating-Skimmer-w-pump.HTML to add on soon.
  6. Been survey the ready made complete system. especially the redsea series. And the prices a little differences compare with those complete packages. Some come with sumps. Some hmm try additional cost for sump , protein skimmer, salts topup water and lighting. Well need some good advise here from those experience guy to be money well spend.
  7. Just tried this redsea product and sharing a review on this. The redsea reef energy basically come with 2 bottle consisting of Part A and Part B which according to the instruction, contain foods for corals and all the basic Vietnam and supplement required for coral growth. It is like a All In One solution which i like. No more dosing all the separate supplement or foods for my coral. Two bottle fit all Most of my coral in my 28g tank seem to be reacting well on the reef energy and opening up with good coloration. What i like ; Small dosage and the free pipette which makin
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