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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Reefers, Due to busy working, i have not much time for water change. Have healthy livestocks to new home. Live Stock A few small to med Live rock encrusted with purple algae + one large nice resin rock - enough for 2Ft Cube $ 60.00 FOC many Golden gloves , nuclear Palys + a few Mohwak + Cleaning crew 2 Bumblebees , 2 Ninja snails 3" Flame Angel
  2. I'm decommissioning my 5 foot marine tank and im selling all my livestock first. Sorry for low quality photo and the dirty glass been too busy this days. Note: All my fish here have been with me since the very beginning i started my tank which is about 3 years. FISH 1. Blue Tang Big (about 5-6 inches) = S$50 2. Blue Tang Medium (about 4 Inches) S$35 3. Bignose Unicorn Tang S$50 4. Niger Trigger Very friendly and non aggressive. S$60 5. Sailfin Tang S$40 6. Tomato Clown Fish (Pair and spawning). I lost the RBTA they are hosting o
  3. Hi, Decommissioning my 5ft marine setup, and looking for new homes for my pets: FISH: 1. Powder Blue Tang @ $50 (been with me > 3 years - my favourite, healthy, itch free, and good appetite) 2. Blue Tang @ $40 3. Sailfin Tang @ $20 (please note that it suffers from HLLE around the head area, but is otherwise healthy and with a big appetite and personality) 4. Yellow Tang @ $40 (Have a pair available, take both for $70) 5. Copperband Butterfly @ $10 6. Bicolor Angel @ $10 7. Bandai Cardinalfish @ $5 for a pair 8. Algae Blen
  4. Hi all, I'm selling some of my fish to reduce bioload. Interested don't mind PM me your contacts. 1) 4 to 5 inch Brown Tang (Pellet , Mysis) - $15 2) 6 inch Sailfin Tang (Pellet , Mysis) - $45
  5. Helping a nice bro to decom his tank. Currently all fishes are healthy and feeding on pellet and seaweed. Flame Hawk -1.5” Naso Blond Tang -4” Atlantic Blue Tang- 4” Purple Tang- 3.5” Yellow Tang -4” Powder Brown Tang- 2.5” Sailfin Tang -2.5 Regal Blue Tang-4” Earspot Angel ->6 “ French Angel-5” Blue Line Angel-5 “ Majestic Angel-3.5” Asfur Angel-3.5” Six Bar Angel-3.5” Koran Angel-4.5” Blue Face Angel-4” Golden Stripe Maroon Clown-3” Normal Clown Fish x 3 pcs-2” Live rocks [small/medium/large]-60 - 70 kgs Prefer to sell all livestock as a whole @ S$1500.00 If no on
  6. i have a vlamingi tang and a orange spined tang to give away.. both ard 2inch.. text me at 92313772.. pls bring your own bucket.. refer pics at this link:
  7. I don't know the id for them.. letting go both at $25.. one of them has something weird growing on the head. Other then that both are healthy and eating well.. both are about 2-2.5 inches.. pm me if interested.. thanks..
  8. Dear all, I have been in and out of reefing for the last few years due to work commitments. Anyway to keep the story short, I decided to renew my passion and come back to reefing again. The tank specs and equipments as follow: Tank: 48"x 24"x 24" Lightings: Maxspect Razor 120w x 2 Skimmer: Skimz Kone SK1 Chiller: Hailea 1/4 hp w/ Aquabee 3000 Wave Maker: Tunze 6065 x 2 Return Pump: Eheim 1262 Uv: Coralife 9 watt Uv w/ Eheim compact 1000 Addictives: Caribsea Purple Up, Calcium, Phosbuster, Ammonia buster etc. I used to rely a lot on eq
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