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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Reefers, Due to busy working, i have not much time for water change. Have healthy livestocks to new home. Live Stock A few small to med Live rock encrusted with purple algae + one large nice resin rock - enough for 2Ft Cube $ 60.00 FOC many Golden gloves , nuclear Palys + a few Mohwak + Cleaning crew 2 Bumblebees , 2 Ninja snails 3" Flame Angel - From Sgreefer- Coral friendly in my tank $ 70.00 3.6" Yellow Tang - from TFC $ 55.00 3.7" Blue tang - same price I bought from ah beng $ 45.00 Medium Size True Pec - same Price I Bought $ 20.00 Small Size full black True pec - same Price I bought $ 38.00 Fishes are healthy and eating very well. PM me for video and picture, deal near Marymount. Only keen in sincere buyer priority goes to single buyer. please bring your own small pail /bag to collect the fishes.
  2. I'm decommissioning my 5 foot marine tank and im selling all my livestock first. Sorry for low quality photo and the dirty glass been too busy this days. Note: All my fish here have been with me since the very beginning i started my tank which is about 3 years. FISH 1. Blue Tang Big (about 5-6 inches) = S$50 2. Blue Tang Medium (about 4 Inches) S$35 3. Bignose Unicorn Tang S$50 4. Niger Trigger Very friendly and non aggressive. S$60 5. Sailfin Tang S$40 6. Tomato Clown Fish (Pair and spawning). I lost the RBTA they are hosting over the x-mas holiday when we are on travel. S$60 Female Male (Guarding the Eggs) 7. 2 Yellow Tangs S$50 each or S$90 Pair 8. Foxtail S$30 9. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$10 CORALS 1. Soft Coral (forgot the name) size of my hand open. S$30 2. Pulsing Xenia 1 = S$30 3. Pulsing Xenia 2 S$15 4. Leather 1 S$10 5. Leather 2 S$15 If interested please refer below for more info WhatsApp : 85223044 Pick up Timing : Weekdays = 8-11PM Weekends = anytime Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School) All livestock are still in the tank. Equipment sale to follow after all livestocks are sold. Thanks for the Support. -Richard
  3. Hi, Decommissioning my 5ft marine setup, and looking for new homes for my pets: FISH: 1. Powder Blue Tang @ $50 (been with me > 3 years - my favourite, healthy, itch free, and good appetite) 2. Blue Tang @ $40 3. Sailfin Tang @ $20 (please note that it suffers from HLLE around the head area, but is otherwise healthy and with a big appetite and personality) 4. Yellow Tang @ $40 (Have a pair available, take both for $70) 5. Copperband Butterfly @ $10 6. Bicolor Angel @ $10 7. Bandai Cardinalfish @ $5 for a pair 8. Algae Blenny (or Goby, cannot recall) @ $5 9. Clownfish @ FOC with any of above purchase, or preferably with purchase of hammer coral it is hosting on CORALS: 10. Hammer coral @ $40 11. Torch Coral @ $40 (3 heads) 12. Torch Coral @ $15 (1 head, grown from parent torch) 13. Torch Coral @ $30 (1 head - grown from parent torch, but attached to big live rock) 14. Bubble Coral @ $50 (extends to larger than fist size) 15. Plate Coral @ $35 16. Fox Coral @ $35 17. Duncan @ $30 ( min. 4 heads) 18. Green zoas on large live rock @ $20 (refer pic above for duncan) 19. Green zoas on medium live rock @ $10 20. Misc green zoas FOC with any purchase (while stocks last) I also have sand stars which I will gladly offer FOC (if I can find them) when you come by to purchase anything. All livestock still in the original tank, and will catch only upon purchase. Please kindly bring your own pail or bags. Decomm of live rock, sand, and equipment to follow after livestock clears. Interested parties, please WhatsApp 91682887. Thanks in advance for reading and the support! Cheers!
  4. Hi all, I'm selling some of my fish to reduce bioload. Interested don't mind PM me your contacts. 1) 4 to 5 inch Brown Tang (Pellet , Mysis) - $15 2) 6 inch Sailfin Tang (Pellet , Mysis) - $45
  5. Helping a nice bro to decom his tank. Currently all fishes are healthy and feeding on pellet and seaweed. Flame Hawk -1.5” Naso Blond Tang -4” Atlantic Blue Tang- 4” Purple Tang- 3.5” Yellow Tang -4” Powder Brown Tang- 2.5” Sailfin Tang -2.5 Regal Blue Tang-4” Earspot Angel ->6 “ French Angel-5” Blue Line Angel-5 “ Majestic Angel-3.5” Asfur Angel-3.5” Six Bar Angel-3.5” Koran Angel-4.5” Blue Face Angel-4” Golden Stripe Maroon Clown-3” Normal Clown Fish x 3 pcs-2” Live rocks [small/medium/large]-60 - 70 kgs Prefer to sell all livestock as a whole @ S$1500.00 If no one can take all, he will sell individually. If you are keen, PM for contacts. Picture, video and viewing can be arranged. After clearing all livestocks. Remaining equipment will be: 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 ft Tank [ 12mm ] WITH CABINET AND HOOD + 4.5 ft Sump Tank Eheim 1264 Eheim 1262 [ 2 pumps in use ] Bubble Magus Curve 7
  6. i have a vlamingi tang and a orange spined tang to give away.. both ard 2inch.. text me at 92313772.. pls bring your own bucket.. refer pics at this link:
  7. I don't know the id for them.. letting go both at $25.. one of them has something weird growing on the head. Other then that both are healthy and eating well.. both are about 2-2.5 inches.. pm me if interested.. thanks..
  8. Dear all, I have been in and out of reefing for the last few years due to work commitments. Anyway to keep the story short, I decided to renew my passion and come back to reefing again. The tank specs and equipments as follow: Tank: 48"x 24"x 24" Lightings: Maxspect Razor 120w x 2 Skimmer: Skimz Kone SK1 Chiller: Hailea 1/4 hp w/ Aquabee 3000 Wave Maker: Tunze 6065 x 2 Return Pump: Eheim 1262 Uv: Coralife 9 watt Uv w/ Eheim compact 1000 Addictives: Caribsea Purple Up, Calcium, Phosbuster, Ammonia buster etc. I used to rely a lot on equipments such as calcium reactor, kalkwassar reactor, Auto top-up system, controllers and monitors etc. However, this time round I decided to keep things simple and minimise on all kinds of unnecessary equipments.
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