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Hello !

First of all, thank you for visiting our forum.

This thread will allow us to introduce ourselves on what we have been doing for the past 8 years and hence the experience as well as what we will venture forward to serve everyone better to make reefing easier and more interesting.

At Reef Systems & Services; we carry a range of products that are sourced all over the world, with mainly the Europe Region and USA.

We always believe in bringing quality product and high performance products to allow every reefer ( Senior or Newbie ) to enjoy the true meaning of reefing - Concepts.

It's our duty to ensure these products are readily available in the market and priced competitively, with back-end service always as priority.

To make reefing easier, we are always ready to provide any kind of service for all customers with regards to their aquarium which also spills over to electrical concepts and solution, and more.

Solutions, we provide are array; from maintenance of the aquarium, re set-up of tank, holiday-maintenance, or even to relocate your ocean creatures to a better place.

Together with Solutions and Concepts for reefing and aquarium- we are able to create each and everyone's dream aquarium with the use of appropriate equipments, well-conceptualise tank design for future maintenance and expandability if needed.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any product you need, customisation work or service that you can think of; we will try our best to deliver.

Reef Systems & Services Pte Ltd

Solutions & Concepts For All Your Aquatic Needs


Reef Systems & Services Pte Ltd
Solutions & Concepts For All Your Aquatic Needs







TEL: 63143808

WHATSAPP: 81819677


8 Boon Lay Way # 04-11 Tradehub 21



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Hi, do you guys doing sea water delivery.

Can i have your contact to call you.

they have stop providing such service the last time I check. Try calling 9137 2290 to verify

2 Feet Tank: (Decom Feb 2015)
-Lightings : Pharos LED light 90W with wireless controller
-Chiller : Arctica 1/10HP with H2Ocean Flow Pump 2000

-Wavemaker : Vortech MP10ES
-Skimmer : Bubble Magus NAC 3.5

-Return Pump : Eheim Compact 3000
-Reactor – TLF150 (Mod) with NP Biopellet
-Reactor – TLF150 with Rowaphos

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Hi, just curious abt plexiglas. Are they prone to scratches when u use algae scraper? How much to make a 3.5x3x2 tank? Thanks.

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Tank size:36"x36"x24"

Return pump" 2x Reef Octo 5000

Skimmer:BK Double Cone 200 on Reef Octopus DC 5500s.

Wavemaker:2xVortech MP40wES

Chemical filtration:1xeducator FR(biopellets)

Chiller:1hp Daikin compressor.

Lighting:2 x Kessil A360we

Auto topup system: JBJ ATO + new jet 1200

Dosing system: Kamoer 3 channel.

Additives: ESV 2 part.

Power consumption

2XReef Octo 5000: 120watts

BK skimmer:50watts

2xVortech wavemaker:70watts

Daikin compressor:775watts


Ato system:21watts

Exhaust fans:16watts

Refugium light:27watts

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