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Helping a nice bro to decom his tank.

Currently all fishes are healthy and feeding on pellet and seaweed.

  1. Flame Hawk -1.5”
  2. Naso Blond Tang -4”
  3. Atlantic Blue Tang- 4”
  4. Purple Tang- 3.5”
  5. Yellow Tang -4”
  6. Powder Brown Tang- 2.5”
  7. Sailfin Tang -2.5
  8. Regal Blue Tang-4”
  9. Earspot Angel ->6 “
  10. French Angel-5”
  11. Blue Line Angel-5 “
  12. Majestic Angel-3.5”
  13. Asfur Angel-3.5”
  14. Six Bar Angel-3.5”
  15. Koran Angel-4.5”
  16. Blue Face Angel-4”
  17. Golden Stripe Maroon Clown-3”
  18. Normal Clown Fish x 3 pcs-2”
  19. Live rocks [small/medium/large]-60 - 70 kgs

Prefer to sell all livestock as a whole @ S$1500.00 If no one can take all, he will sell individually.

If you are keen, PM for contacts.

Picture, video and viewing can be arranged.

After clearing all livestocks. Remaining equipment will be:

  1. 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 ft Tank [ 12mm ] WITH CABINET AND HOOD + 4.5 ft Sump Tank
  2. Eheim 1264
  3. Eheim 1262 [ 2 pumps in use ]
  4. Bubble Magus Curve 7
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I am interested in his Bm curve 7, let me know how much he willing to let go, I will b sending u an Pm on my contact

Current Tank(s) :

2 x 1 x 1 mixed reef tank

What in my mind now (future tanks)

4 x 2.5 x 1.5 low profile coral tank

3 x 2.5 x 1.5 low profile reef tank

Decommissioned Tanks :

2 ft seahorse tank back in the 1990s'

2.5 ft cube mixed reef tank in 2007 to 2008

JBJ 28g Tank . Maxspect G1 110W + 12W DIY LED . Tunze 9002 Skimmer . Vortech MP10w ES . SPS only Tank . Picasso Clown Fish (2009 to 2011)

2 x 1 x 1 puffer-fishes, box-fishes & Frog-fish tank (2015)

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Hi all,

Thank you for all your interests.

I believe my friend have contacted you directly on the live stocks and those didn't get any response, its has been taken.

Equipments will be posted after all the live stock taken.

Think only left with live rocks.

Pls deal directly to the actual decom seller.

Thank you. Happy reefing!

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