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WTS: Digital Salinity Tester, Water Top Up, Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer


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Hi guys, 

Selling the following to be collected only in Sengkang (Night) or Woodlands (Day)

1. Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer https://carousell.com/p/33247999/

2. Water Top Up https://carousell.com/p/33248147/

3. DYS DMT-10 Digital Handheld Marine Tester (Temp / Salinity / SG) https://carousell.com/p/33277870/

4. Single channel Marine Magic Dosing Pump (Brand New) $60

I seldom come in online, please PM me or text me for those who has my number

priority for those who buys more at one time.

2 Feet Tank: (Decom Feb 2015)
-Lightings : Pharos LED light 90W with wireless controller
-Chiller : Arctica 1/10HP with H2Ocean Flow Pump 2000

-Wavemaker : Vortech MP10ES
-Skimmer : Bubble Magus NAC 3.5

-Return Pump : Eheim Compact 3000
-Reactor – TLF150 (Mod) with NP Biopellet
-Reactor – TLF150 with Rowaphos

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