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Win a Radion XR 15

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Radion XR15 giveaway.png

Terms & Condition 

- Contest period ; 11.10.2016 ~ 31.12.2016
- START OR UPDATE your Tank thread under our member tank thread section and if your tank is selected to be featured as the next TOTQ winner, you will win a Ecotech Radion XR 15 Led sponsored by Reef Depot Asia
- Judging decision is final
- Winner will be notified by PM , email 


Prize sponsored by ;


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How do we select for the TOTQ winner ? 

- The idea of the Tank of the quarter started is to share great tank setup which hopefully will helps inspire others into the hobby and practicing good husbandry practice in a responsible manner. It is by all mean NOT a competition only against who's tank is more beautiful than who;s ect.. We see that being able to help promote, share knowledge of Reef keeping and educate the hobby being more important than justing showing a beautiful tank alone. 

Thus , not only the overall view, color combination of the tank display, TOTQ selection is also base upon the sharing of quality informative information that is being shared on that member's thread during his setup, which can benefit others in their own setup, prevention of their own pitfall and including D.I.Y work ect that will help others. The display of the member's knowledge of up-keeping of his / her tank to maintain the reef tank in it;s best condition a hobbyist can provide for is also an important factor that we aim for. 

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