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Conch Aqua RR4W WaveMaker Give Away !

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Conch Aqua RR4W wave maker Give Away !! 

Sponsored By ; ConchAqua

In conjunction with the launch of the new wave maker, conch Aqua is giving away one set of the Brand new RR4W wave maker to the contest winner ! 

How to Take part ?

1. LIKE our Singapore Reef Club Facebook Page Here .
2. SHARE the poster of this event posted on our Facebook page to your wall. 
3. Make a comment in this thread here why you would like to win this wave maker to enter the contest.

Closing Date : 31th May 2016 ( Winner of the contest will be randomly picked and draw from this thread here, and may need to verify that all entry requirement are met.) 

Winner will be notify either by PM , FaceBook messenger or Email. 


Conch Aqua RR4W specification ;

RR4w series is design for the more affordable market. Flow from the 20,000 to 30,000 liters / hr of different versions, and can provide different way of wave blowing, blowing straight, half spread, full spread. Applied at different sized of fish tank and SPS, LPS.

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Conch has always been a reliable brand, and this model suits a almost from a nano tank to a 4 feet tank! Very versatile, if you know what I mean, with its flow range and different flow capabilities!

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This brand of wavemaker conch aqua rr4w is good for making natural beauty wave to our aquarium salt water tank as if like in the ocean sea wave .

despite it good affordable market price

,everyone is afford to prechase it .

it can provide different wave stream of flow to our fishes in our aquarium

lastly it can be served for our permium sps and lps

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