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Ai Brick and Mortar Contest

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Congrats Hobbes and Vincent

Sad I didn't get it haha

There's no requirement to make purchases@vincentwangz

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Yes there was a need for purchase as per shop rule.. so we purchased and paid for our items at the required amount and above as our sign of support to the shop..before we asked if we can take photo.

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final location 

came 3 times yet ...they told me dont have hmm..  . was there today from 11am to 3pm. under the sun. Amazing. but nevertheless congrats to those who won and still post for fun hahaha.

Since started might as well end it. 

Huat ah



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The contest thread will be closed now, and winner will be notified shortly in this thread. Stay tuned .


Thanks all for taking part .

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*** Announcement  ***

Dear reefers,

We would like to thank all participants for engaging in this interactive activity where your support of our LFSs is highly appreciated, and we hope you enjoyed this event.

REEF DEPOT ASIA  and SRC would also like to thank all participating LFSs for managing the contest at their own premises.


The final winners' results are based on invoice purchase time criteria forwarded to us. 

This request was made by Aquarist Chamber to determine the 2 winning order.


Grand Prize Ecotechmarine Bundle + Propagation Kit

1- Vincentwangz

2-Daniel Poh Yang Zheng

Secret Prize -Hydra 26 HD Black w slimline mount + Propagation Kit

The following winner was being voted by most of the LFS for having a positive attitude during the whole course of the contest .




Additional Special category 

In view of the request by SRC to reward the participant's effort in this contest, we will reward each participants who took part in the contest below with a set of limited edition ECOTECH CORAL PROPAGATION KIT 




Nick Ang

F&M lover

Daniel k







We have concluded the end of this contest and all results are final .

We will informed winner through individual PM on the date and time for Prize collection.

We looked forward to everyone participation in our future contests and thanks you all again for supporting our Singapore LFSs .


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