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WTS assorted SPS and softie frags/mini-colonies

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1) acro - green body purple tips (fist size): $50

2) birdnest - green-pink-yellow body purple polyps (frag on spot): $8 per frag branch

3) pocci - light blue polyps (slightly smaller than fist size): $40

4) digi - German blue (frag on spot): $8 per frag branch; $15 for multi branch.

5) red, purple, lumi green monti colony (on double-fist size rock with german blue digi, dark pink BN, bluish acro and forest fire digi): $80 (SEPARATE SALE POSSIBLE BUT BETTER VALUE IF TAKE WHOLE ROCK)

6) monti cap (maroon orange): $20 (half fist size)

7) pipe organ colony (bigger than fist): $50 or $15 per quarter frag 

Take ALL for $200.

Collection Upper Serangoon ...

This Saturday only.









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